Attention Media: Stop Calling Putin's Active Attempt To Destroy Democracy 'Meddling'

Crooks and Liars - 40 min 8 sec ago

I don't want to put the blame on Margaret Brennan or Face the Nation, because she's far from the only journalist to do this.


Full stop. Using the term 'meddling' vastly minimizes exactly what Putin has essentially admitted to doing: interfering in our democratic process for a specific result, against the will of the people of this country. He is not some hapless would-be crook from a Scooby Doo cartoon

He has ATTACKED this nation and weakened the very foundation of our democracy. Without a single bullet or casualty, Vladimir Putin has declared war on the sovereignty of this nation.

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Trump Friend Says CNN Can Get Interview With Vow Of Praise: 'Just Talk About His Economic Successes'

Crooks and Liars - 47 min 4 sec ago
 'Just Talk About His Economic Successes'

Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy, a longtime confidante of Donald Trump, on Sunday told CNN that the network could get more interviews with him if reporters promised only praise.

In a Sunday interview, CNN media analyst Brian Stelter asked Ruddy to suggest to Trump that more administration officials be made available to the network, given Trump's particular focus on CNN as "fake news" and encouraging his staffers to refuse interviews with the network.

"I’m glad you’re here, Chris, and I hope you’ll suggest to the president to make more Trump aides available," Stelter said.

"Next week, could we do a program about all of the president's economic successes?" Ruddy proposed. "Can we do that?"

"I just get one hour to talk about the media," Stelter explained.

"If I could get [White House economic adviser] Larry Kudlow to come on, would you be open to it?" Ruddy asked.

"I'm sure many people at CNN would love to interview Larry," Stelter acknowledged.

"Maybe the president will come on if you just talk about his economic successes," Ruddy advised.

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The dangerous veto power of right-wing rage

Daily Kos - 50 min 2 sec ago

Many Congressional Republicans were shocked—SHOCKED!—this week at Donald Trump’s humiliation in Helsinki. Like the rest of the world, they watched in real time as an American president kowtowed on foreign soil to a dangerous adversary of the United States. Siding with Russian President Vladimir Putin over the repeated conclusions of the unified American intelligence community and the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee, Trump once again rejected the idea of Moscow’s ongoing interference in U.S. elections that began in 2016. “Make no mistake about it,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warned, “I would say to our friends in Europe, we understand the Russian threat and I think that is the widespread view here in the United States Senate among members of both parties.”

But that’s not all McConnell said after Trump shamed himself and his nation on the global stage:

"We may take up legislation related to this. In the meantime, I think the Russians need to know there's a lot of us who fully understand what happened in 2016, and it really better not happen again in 2018.” [Emphasis added.]

Mitch McConnell should know. After all, he was one of the Gang of 8 Congressional leaders briefed by the Obama White House in August 2016 on the strategy and scope of the Kremlin’s cyber-aggression designed to tilt the presidential election to the Republican Donald Trump. But McConnell chose partisan advantage over patriotism, warning Obama of hell to pay from the right if the president went public about the Russian attacks.

Of course, it was hardly the first time that right-wing rage—or even just the threat of it—led American policymakers and law enforcement officials to backtrack, change course, or just remain silent. After all, in 2016 former FBI Director James Comey went public with the Bureau’s investigations of Hillary Clinton while withholding information about the growing Trump-Russia scandal, precisely because of the withering conservative hell storm he would face if did anything else. And as a quick glance back shows, from the fate of the Bush torture team and raising the debt ceiling to the battle over Obamacare and even the 2000 Florida recount, the focused fury and organized outrage of the ranting right led press and politicians alike to edit their options and alter history.

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Tapper Grills Rubio On Trump's Love For Russia, That 'Offer' To Interrogate McFaul And A Putin WH Visit

Crooks and Liars - 50 min 3 sec ago

Marco Rubio joined Jake Tapper on CNN "State of The Union" this morning to discuss a variety of Trump-related issues. To say he showed a moderately functioning spine would be a lie - it had the consistency of overcooked pasta.

Regarding Putin coming to the White House (vomit) and the symbolism (vomit) behind it and how offensive it is to most Americans (gag):

TAPPER: The White House says plans are in the works to bring Vladimir Putin to the white house for a meeting in the fall. what's your reaction and do you think if Putin comes to town he should also come to Capitol Hill?

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Fox Uses Newly Released FISA Warrants To Continue To Undermine Mueller Investigation

Crooks and Liars - 1 hour 47 min ago
Fox Uses Newly Released FISA Warrants To Continue To Undermine Mueller Investigation

Never mind the information in the newly released FISA memos show very clearly why the FBI was completely justified in surveilling Carter Page, Trump's propagandists over on state-run TV are still using them as an excuse to undermine Robert Mueller.

Trump was tweeting up a storm this Sunday, thanking Judicial Watch and lying about what their FOIA request revealed:

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Jake Tapper Nails Carter Page For Lying About Being An 'Adviser' To The Kremlin

Crooks and Liars - 1 hour 50 min ago
Jake Tapper Nails Carter Page For Lying About Being An 'Adviser' To The Kremlin

CNN host Jake Tapper on Sunday confronted former Trump campaign staffer Carter Page with evidence that he admitted being an "adviser" to the Kremlin.

During an interview on CNN's State of the Union, Tapper noted that a recently released FISA warrant said the FBI believes Page has been "collaborating and conspiring" with the Russian government.

Throughout the interview, Page repeatedly dodged questions about his connections to the Kremlin.

"The document accuses you of being a -- quote -- agent of a foreign power. Were you?" Tapper asked.

"Jake, this is so ridiculous," Page replied. "It's just beyond words. You know, it's -- you're talking about misleading the courts. It's just so misleading going through the 400 plus page documents, where do we even begin? It's literally a complete joke. It only continues. It's just really sad."

"Were you ever an agent of a foreign power?" Tapper pressed. "Did you ever advise the Kremlin or work with the Kremlin on anything?"

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Michael Avenatti Crushes Alan Dershowitz For Poor 'Accuracy Rate' On Defending Trump

Crooks and Liars - 1 hour 54 min ago
Michael Avenatti Crushes Alan Dershowitz For Poor 'Accuracy Rate' On Defending Trump

Michael Avenatti, attorney for alleged Trump mistress Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels, on Sunday called out Alan Dershowitz for having a poor record of accuracy when it comes to predicting outcomes for the president's legal troubles.

During a panel discussion on ABC's This Week, host George Stephanopoulos reported that tapes had been leaked of Trump speaking to former personal attorney Michael Cohen. Trump claimed the two minute tape is exculpatory because he is heard saying that he cannot purchase the rights to the story of one of his alleged former mistresses, former Playboy Playmate Karen Mcdougal.

Avenatti argued that the release of the tape would impact Daniels' case against Trump "in a big way."

"I can tell you that for a fact there are multiple tapes," Avenatti revealed. "There are multiple tapes of President Trump, number one. That's first of all. That ultimately is going to prove to be a big problem for the president. You know that old adage, 'you live by the sword and die by the sword,' will be true in this case because the president knew his attorney had a predisposition towards taping conversations with people, and Cohen had shared tapes with the president along the way during the ten years of legal representation."

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'Twice as good as them' to get half what they have: Racism and the subpar presidency of Donald Trump

Daily Kos - 2 hours 10 min ago

In the first episode of Season 3 on ABC’s hit TV show Scandal, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) gets an epic lecture from her father, Rowan (played by the brilliant Joe Morton). By this time in the fictional world created by writer Shonda Rhimes, the country knows what viewers have known since early in Season 1, that Olivia Pope is the mistress of the president of the United States. Rowan knows that the successful, overachieving daughter he raised is about to experience hell—not only for being outed as the woman who is sleeping with the married Republican president but also, or perhaps especially, because she is a black woman. As he addresses his soon-to-be-disgraced daughter, he reminds her of a lesson he taught her throughout her childhood: that she, as a black person, has to be twice as good as them (meaning white people) to get half as much as what they have.

The show about politics and scandal in Washington, which ended its seven season run this April, was wildly unrealistic in so many ways—though in today’s political climate, the fictional world of Scandal seems way more normal and saner than our current reality. However, this particular scene and what Rowan was attempting to impart to Olivia is a concrete reality for many black people of a certain age who heard the exact same thing from our own parents. 

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Watch Tucker Carlson Get Put On The Defensive By Rep. Swalwell

Crooks and Liars - 2 hours 50 min ago
Watch Tucker Carlson Get Put On The Defensive By Rep. Swalwell

Tucker Carlson’s plan to demonize Democrats as dangerous criminals, while posturing as a voice of reason, didn’t quite work out as he planned when he tried to debate Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) over Trump’s treasonous behvior in Helsinki.

As I’ve repeatedly noted, Carlson seems unable to debate like a grownup. And, since he has previously faced off with the formidable Swalwell, Carlson took some extra time before the discussion to smear Democrats with lies and the kind of inflammatory rhetoric he was pretending to dislike:

CARLSON: The left has run out of possible verbal attacks on President Trump – there are none left – all that’s left is violence.

Carlson never cited anyone promoting violence, just verbal confrontations, occupations and noisy demonstrations. Yet he concluded, “Why wouldn’t you use violence” listening to all the verbal criticism of Trump. “Harassment and occupation could easily turn into something far worse,” Carlson continued. “The left is recklessly egging it on.”

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'God, guns and ... Russia?' is no longer a question

Daily Kos - 3 hours 29 min ago

Last October, in “God, guns … and Russia?” I wrote about the magnanimous contribution that the NRA made to the election of Donald Trump. The gun group endorsed him on May 20, 2016, much earlier in the election cycle than they had ever before endorsed a Republican presidential candidate. From Politico’s report on the pushback of the membership to the endorsement:

To endorse so early in the process is virtually unprecedented for the group; they didn’t get behind Mitt Romney in 2012 and Sen. John McCain in 2008 until October.

That, and the $30 million spending pledge struck me as odd at the time, but it wasn’t until later that the ties between the NRA and the woman now sitting in a jail cell awaiting trial became clearer. I wrote about Maria Butina’s Russian gun rights organization, The Right to Bear Arms, and her work with the Russian banker and politico Alexander Torshin, who was a lifetime member of the NRA.  The close ties between the Russians and the NRA has led to speculation that the NRA money for Trump’s election campaign may have come from Russia.

As I wrote last October:

The Right to Bear Arms hosted a delegation from the NRA during the same time frame. Attendees included David Keene, NRA board member Pete Brownell, NRA donor Joe Gregory, and Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke, he of the boy-scout-merit-badge-covered uniform shirt who became a top Trump surrogate. They not only met with Torshin and Butina, but with a sanctioned Russian, ​​​​according to Tim Mack of The Daily Beast.

“In March 2014, the U.S. government sanctioned Dmitry Rogozin—a hardline deputy to Vladimir Putin, the head of Russia’s defense industry and longtime opponent of American power—in retaliation for the invasion of Crimea and eastern Ukraine.

Eighteen months later, the National Rifle Association, Donald Trump’s most powerful outside ally during the 2016 election, sent a delegation to Moscow that met with him.”

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Democrats need to #VoteLikeBlackWomen

Daily Kos - 4 hours 49 min ago

It’s unclear who initially came up with the Twitter hashtag #VoteLikeBlackWomen, but it is one that everybody should heartily embrace. Had it been the guiding principle for not-black Democrats and folks who call themselves progressives during the 2016 election, we would not be fighting for our lives against a white supremacist traitor ruling over a Republican party which is happily supporting racism, misogyny, homophobia, Islamophobia, and xenophobia.  

My mom raised me to believe voting was a sacred duty, and to honor the sacrifices of my ancestors who fought and died to garner the ballot—against all odds.

I was thinking about the women of my family when I tweeted this last week:


I vote like those black women.

When the Republican Party of the past offered more breathing space for black folks: we voted for them. When the Dixiecrats, White Citizens Councils, and Klansmen fled into the Republican embrace, the women of my family became staunch Democrats. 

When I made a decision to vote for Hillary Clinton, I did so knowing that my mom would have done so and I followed in her footsteps. No matter my own lefty leanings, black women had spoken. 


The young black women (like Amene) and young black men I follow on black Twitter pull no punches. They fight to get Democrats of all colors elected. We are well aware of the fact that we are the ones who have suffered and will continue to bear the brunt of a right-wing controlled Supreme Court.

They point to voting data.  Look at Virginia:

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Mike's Blog Round Up

Crooks and Liars - 4 hours 50 min ago
Mike's Blog Round Up

Well, that's a wrap for me! Thank you fellow Crooks and Liars for letting me be part of your week! We've covered the Russian Usurper and his disgraceful enablers from A to B and back again, and had a few laughs along the way!

Jobsanger notes that there is a difference between competence and stubbornness.

News Corpse notes that one Fox News employee has transferred to another division.

Zander Versus The Stupid sees that racism has gone full circle with conservatives.

Bonus Track: Murrmurrs writes a post that reminds us that sometimes, in spite of ourselves, we live in a wonderful world.

Reminder: where ever you live, check your voter registration and make sure your information is current. As we all learned, the Russians hacked into voter registration databases, and they can do it again.

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Audience Breaks Out In Laughter When Corey Stewart Claims Trump 'Is Standing Up To Russia'

Crooks and Liars - 4 hours 50 min ago

Political debates are generally designed to be carefully crafted events where candidates on opposing sides of the political spectrum can discuss various positions on a variety of issues that matter to voters preparing to go to the polls. Sometimes there are moments of levity where a candidate says something they intend to be funny - it is bad when the audience doesn't laugh at those moments. There are other moments where the candidate says something they mean to be serious - it is bad when the audience breaks out in hysterical laughter when you are mid sentence.

This video is a case of the latter - Corey Stewart tried to be serious and the audience didn't even try to stifle their collective mockery. What did Stewart say? He tried to pull the typical GOP / FOX News talking point: Donald Trump is "standing up to the Russians".

The full quote was a nice set up, Fox News style. Obama was weak on Russia, Trump is strong. Except he isn't. At all.

“He was noticeably silent when the Russians shot down a Malaysian airliner when President Obama was in office. He was noticeably silent when the Russians invaded the Crimea when President Obama was in office. We have a president who is standing up to the Russians, and now, Sen. Kaine…”

The audience took a pause and then erupted in mocking laughter. Never a good sign.

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Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

Crooks and Liars - 5 hours 50 min ago

The Beatles--I'm Looking Through You (Remastered 2009)

I want you to look at this graph. I find it very telling.

(Courtesy of MMFA).

Every day, we fight back against the media's tendency to "both sides" every issue. But look at that graph, and look at the names on the guest list below and ask yourself how you can "both sides" an issue when only one side is overwhelmingly heard from.

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Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Advice for Dems, analysis of Trump, and the importance of data

Daily Kos - 6 hours 49 min ago

Just as I was sitting down to write up the APR overnight, the supporting documents for Carter Page’s FISA warrant became available. Though still redacted, it’s clear from what’s available that: Devin Nunes was lying all along— the Christopher Steele documents did not constitute the only, or even a major part of, the evidence that justified a warrant against Page. Secondly, the wording of this warrant certainly suggests that Page wasn’t just a patsy for Russian agents, but was himself considered a Russian intelligence asset. This would seem to suggest that a review may be in order of how Page became part of the Trump campaign. Earlier stories had suggested that the Russians made serious attempts to recruit page. But these documents .., make it seem that they were successful.

Okay … pundit time.

Leonard Pitts has some advice for a new Democratic talking point … stop talking. 

Democrats must realize that they’re in a back-alley brawl, not a pillow fight. That they don’t get this yet can be inferred from the new slogan House Democrats unveiled last week: “For The People.” While that’s an improvement over last year’s, “A Better Deal,” with its musty scent of leftover Roosevelt, it still doesn’t suggest a party ready to rumble.

In that, the party is disconnected from its people, who are viscerally furious. Democratic leaders don’t seem to know what to do with that anger. Indeed, they seem to fear it.

There’s always been a deep, abiding fear of leaders who were “riding a whirlwind” of political opinion, and suddenly finding themselves at the front of a movement. That fear is especially strong among people who are too timid to grab the reins, and find themselves instead holding the bag.

Next month marks 50 years since the Chicago convention wherein Democratic anger — and police brutality — split the party, alienated voters and helped make Richard Nixon president. But their palpable discomfort with the outrage of their constituents suggests Democrats have over-learned the lessons of that debacle. …

They seem to be holding out hope of an eventual return to “normal.” But normal — i.e., the pre-Trump world — is gone for good. 

There’s no going back. There never is. But forward is available for those who are willing to lead — and leading in 2018 is going to include a willingness to channel anger and frustration. Maybe into something positive. Maybe into still more anger.

But definitely into votes.

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Sunday Morning Garden Chat: Serenity

Balloon Juice - 9 hours 48 min ago

Because I think we could all use some serenity, great shots from commentor Dan B:

I think the pictures were taken in south Bellevue, Wa, across Lake Washington from Seattle.

Wobbles the kitty would be in a garden in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle.

I’m finally starting to get some ripe tomatoes from my rootpouch ‘garden’ north of Boston. Ate the first fine, fat Carmello with some marinated feta from a local farmstand and a little olive oil… and remembered why I go to so much trouble and aggravation every spring!

What’s going on in your garden(s), this week?

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Open Thread - Eat It, Sean Hannity

Crooks and Liars - Sat, 07/21/2018 - 23:30
Open Thread - Eat It, Sean Hannity

The FBI had 412 pages to show the FISA judges on Carter Page, not the Steele Dossier, either.

Sean Hannity looks like an idiot.

Open thread below...

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C&L's Sat Nite Chiller Theater: Time Lapse (2014)

Crooks and Liars - Sat, 07/21/2018 - 23:00
 Time Lapse (2014)

Important safety tip: If you are helping to clean out your deceased neighbor's house and discover that they had a photographic time machine, best smash the damn thing.

Time travel stories are trickier to juggle than most because to do them well, every plot point must sewn up and every paradox resolved or explained. For example, in one of my all-time favorites, "The Big Sleep", Famously Howard Hawks pulled all of his screenwriters together to figure our who exactly killed Owen Taylor. They finally sent a telegram to the author of the book, Raymond Chandler, asking him and, as Chandler tells it, "Dammit I didn’t know either!”

But it didn't matter because cackling dialogue, great characters and atmosphere drove "The Big Sleep". However with time travel, it's ALL plot and if you goof that up even a little, the whole thing falls apart.

Time Lapse might have been made on a shoe-string budget, but they paid attention to the plot, and that it why it works.


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Saturday open thread for night owls: West Coast electric highway provides a model for the nation

Daily Kos - Sat, 07/21/2018 - 22:30

At Yes! Magazine, Erika Lundahl writes—The West Coast Electric Highway Enables Zero Emission Road Trips

The West Coast Electric Highway—one of the longest electrified corridors in the world—is demonstrating that electric vehicles are here for the long haul.

In 2008, the West Coast states of California, Oregon, Washington and the province of British Columbia all recognized a simple, but alarming fact: western North America was experiencing significant population growth. That meant tens of thousands more vehicles on the road, producing more climate change-causing greenhouse gases and lowering air quality across the whole region.


To prepare for that outcome, they laid out a shared vision in two 2008 agreements for an alternative fuel corridor along I-5 and Highway 99 to promote the use of biofuels, hybrids, electric or zero-emission vehicles, and hydrogen-fueled vehicles. Federal funding from The EV Project helped kickstart the effort and the first charging station on the West Coast Electric Highway was opened in 2011.

“The focus is to give electric vehicle drivers a unique and consistent driving experience,” says Tonia Buell, a project development manager with the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Now boasting thousands of chargers, the West Coast Electric Highway makes it possible for an intrepid zero emissions vehicle (ZEV) driver to drive from Baja California to British Columbia, charging as needed at stations spaced every 25-50 miles along the highway.

Buell, a proud ZEV driver, has been a part of the West Coast Electric Highway project since its earliest days. She identifies new station locations, forms partnerships with utilities and private companies, and creates unified branding and signage up and down the West Coast. Buell dreams of the highway system becoming the Route 66 of electric infrastructure—an iconic road for fossil-fuel free travelers. [...]





On this date at Daily Kos in 2006Matthews, Buchanan Eviscerate Neocons And Warmongering On The Right:

I have a love-hate relationship with Chris Matthews.  OK, it's mostly a hate relationship, in that I hate his documented record of being so misleading and so fundamentally wrong on so  many issues.

But, I must give credit where credit is due.  In those rare occasions where Matthews gets it right, he hits it out of the ballpark.

As Hunter pointed out, Newt Gingrich, Bill O'Reilly, Bill Kristol, Rich Lowry, and Rush Limbaugh are among a disturbing number of conservatives who are calling for an all-out world war.

These conservatives have an insatiable appetite for conflict and a maniacal desire to try all 31 flavors war. They want to use events in the Mideast as an excuse to invade any country whose citizens dare to call God "Allah." But their calls for a wider war are not the result of some warped idea that the sound of rockets pounding in neighborhoods will lull the hate to sleep. Nope. They. Just. Want. War.

Monday through Friday you can catch the Kagro in the Morning Show 9 AM ET by dropping in here, or you can download the Stitcher app (found in the app stores or at Stitcher.com), and find a live stream there, by searching for "Netroots Radio.”


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Travel Question Open Thread

Balloon Juice - Sat, 07/21/2018 - 22:29

Are any of you travel agents or know anything about east coast (North or South Carolina preferably) beach rentals. Tammy and I are going to pool resources and rent a place in late September and are looking for something clean, cheap, and pet friendly.

My trip to Topsail last year was the first time I had been on vacation since Point Pleasant, NJ in like 1995 and before that it was Barcelona in 1992 while in the service, so I am totally out of my element. It doesn’t have to be NC or SC, but I want it to still be sunny and warm and in driving distance, and it has to be pet friendly because we are going to take Lily and Sam. Lily’s never been to the beach.

Did I mention cheap?

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