Joel Saunders - the Zotz Walk (Fingerstyle Guitar)

Little Green Footballs - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 23:05

Pre-save Joel’s new album “Harmonic Slice” on Spotify: https://joelsaundersmusic.com/jsmusic
Available everywhere on September 6th, 2019.

Video shot by Ryan Osman and edited by Joel Saunders
Audio by Antoine Dufour

TABs and music: https://joelsaundersmusic.com/store
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0kty3zJLdVGc9Uc21oqUGq
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joelsaundersmusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joel.saunders/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSycn-tW-BptXmQs0EEg2FQ

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C&L's Late Nite Music Club With The Seeds

Crooks and Liars - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 23:01

Though it's been ten years since he last walked on this planet, Sky Saxon, a godfather of punk rock and a true weirdo original, was born on this day in 1937.

Tonight, let's watch him with his band the Seeds getting all wiggly on some television program from around 1966 or so.

What are you listening to tonight?

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Open thread for night owls: Trump kneels and obeys when NRA's LaPierre reminds him who's boss

Daily Kos - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 23:00

Elaina Plott at The Atlantic writes—Trump’s Phone Calls With Wayne LaPierre Reveal NRA’s Influence:

Three days after a pair of mass shootings in Ohio and Texas that left 31 people dead, President Donald Trump was preoccupied with visions of a Rose Garden ceremony.


His daughter and senior adviser, Ivanka Trump, had proposed the idea of a televised Rose Garden appearance as a way to nudge her father toward supporting universal background checks. The president had recently suggested he was open to the gun-control measure, tweeting, “Republicans and Democrats must come together and get strong background checks, perhaps marrying this legislation with desperately needed immigration reform.” To be sure, this was similar to how he’d responded to other mass shootings during his 31-month presidency, and each time, the push for action fizzled. But the prospect of a Rose Garden ceremony, his daughter thought, where Trump could sign a document and call it “historic” and “unprecedented”—and receive positive media attention—might be the best chance of yielding real change.

For a moment, it looked like it just might work. “He loved it. He was all spun up about it,” said a former senior White House official who, like others interviewed for this story, spoke with me on the condition of anonymity in order to share private conversations. On August 7, the president picked up the phone to discuss the idea with Wayne LaPierre, chief executive of the National Rifle Association. “It’s going to be great, Wayne,” Trump said, according to both a former senior White House official and an NRA official briefed on the call. “They will love us.” And if they—meaning the roughly 5 million people who make up the NRA’s active membership, and some of Trump’s electoral base—didn’t, Trump reportedly assured LaPierre, “I’ll give you cover.” (The White House did not return a request for comment for this story.)

“Wayne’s listening to that and thinking, Uh, no, Mr. President, we give you cover,” the former senior White House official said in describing the conversation. The president reportedly asked LaPierre whether the NRA was willing to give in at all on background checks. LaPierre’s response, the sources said, was unequivocal: “No.” With that, “the Rose Garden fantasy,” as the NRA official described it to me, was scrapped as quickly as it had been dreamed up. [...}



“Understand: the task of an activist is not to negotiate systems of power with as much personal integrity as possible--it's to dismantle those systems.” 
Lierre KeithThe Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability (2009)




At Daily Kos on this date in 2003What “compassion” means to Bush:

Hey everyone, check out Bush's definition of "compassion".

Apparently, it means talking to black people.

(Thanks to reader K.Y. for catching this "disturbing trend".)

Update: From Lis in the message boards:

Looking at further photo albums on the site makes it more clear how anomalous the Compassion section is.

But the only non-whites in 15 Homeland Security images and 16 National Security are Powell and Rice, and I think there's one African American park ranger off to the side in one photo of the 16 on the Environment.

In contrast, of 20 photos illustrating Compassion, 17 prominently show non-Caucasians; the other three are solo photos of Bush, but two of those are before the National Urban League and in front a map of Africa.

And RonK emailed to remind that Slate's Will Saletan noted a short while back that when Duhbya calls somebody "gifted", "He doesn't mean exceptional. He means ethnic."

Saletan provides chapter and verse re blacks, Iraqis, Palestinians, Hispanics, Chinese, Russians, Irish, Cubans, and South Koreans.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: Another day away from the mic? Well, as always, life happens! Here's how it went on 8/22/18: The Manafort conviction! The Cohen allocution! The Hunter indictment! The Buchanan allegations! Greg Dworkin and Armando helped us cover it all.

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The Daily Show Presents 'Don-Splaining'

Crooks and Liars - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 23:00

Thank you, Daily Show.

Open thread below...

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Donald Trump Is Not Well

Kevin Drum - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 22:04

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen of Denmark said today that talk of selling Greenland to the US was an “absurd discussion,” adding that Greenland Premier “Kim Kielsen has of course made it clear that Greenland is not for sale. That’s where the conversation ends.” Donald Trump responded by canceling his upcoming visit to Copenhagen:

Can we finally start talking publicly about Trump’s mental state? This is the action of a child, not an adult in full control of his faculties. Everyone aside from Trump understood that his Greenland compulsion was a sign of cognitive regression in the first place, and this episode demonstrates that it was no passing fantasy. Trump took it seriously enough to treat Frederiksen’s comments as just another incitement to a feud with a political enemy.

The man is not well. I don’t care what you want to call his condition, but he’s not well. I can only shiver at the thought of what the folks who work regularly with Trump really think of him these days.

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Pat Buchanan Defends El Paso Shooter's Fears Of Hispanic 'Invasion': 'Accurate And Valid'

Crooks and Liars - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 22:00
 'Accurate And Valid'

Pat Buchanan was fired from MSNBC over his white supremacy views but was recently rehired to co-star in public television’s relaunch of The McLaughlin Group.

Disgraced Conservative and neo-Nazi cockroaches never die -- they just came back from hiding under your refrigerator after eating your stale, dirty bread crumbs.

And the beltway media just gotta have him.

The McLaughlin Group will begin airing exclusively on public television stations nationwide and digital platforms in January 2020.” The program, which was briefly relaunched last year on Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s D.C. station, also featured Buchanan as a panelist in its prior iterations.

A few weeks ago after the announcement of the relaunch, Pat wrote a scathing op-ed against Joe Biden: Biden Goes All In on the Race Issue

A frequent refrain from outraged conservatives is that the left uses racism as a weapon against them, but maybe if they stopped doing, saying, and acting like racists then it might be a valid defense.

read more

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Volcker Rule Shredded By Trump Appointees

Kevin Drum - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 19:05

You remember the Volcker Rule, don’t you? It was the brainchild of former Fed chair Paul Volcker, who wanted to prohibit banks from proprietary trading—that is, betting their own money on risky investments. Volcker figured that prop trading should be done by hedge funds and investment banks, not by regulated commercial banks using house money with an implicit government guarantee.

Well, say sayonara:

The FDIC and four other independent agencies have dropped their proposal to tie the rule to a strict accounting standard — a move that banks argued would have made it more burdensome by subjecting additional trades to heightened supervision. Instead, regulators will give banks the benefit of the doubt on a much wider range of trades, according to the text of the final rule.

….The inclusion of the accounting provision in the original Volcker 2.0 proposal had been key in securing the support of Martin Gruenberg, then FDIC chairman and now a regular board member at the agency. Gruenberg, an Obama appointee, voted against the revised rule Tuesday morning, saying it would “effectively undo” the Volcker rule’s ban on proprietary trading. As amended, “the Volcker rule will no longer impose a meaningful constraint on speculative and proprietary trading by banks and bank-holding companies benefiting from the public safety net” of insured deposits, Gruenberg said.

What could go wrong?

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Open Thread: Trump Has No Friends, Just (Temporary) Accomplices

Balloon Juice - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 18:55

For years they ran parallel grifts, and they got along nicely. Then Don (with a little help from his Russian buddies) got a big promotion, and Tom made the mistake of thinking he could draft in his old buddy’s wake. SAD!

If Trump had been able to grasp the concept of social reciprocity as well as your average kindergartner, he wouldn’t have managed to bankrupt more than one casino. Which is probably related to the fact that nobody in Trump’s circle can be trusted alone with more than fifteen cents in cash…

Trump was “really upset” to read reports about Barrack’s role in allegedly making it easy for some foreigners and others to try to spend money to get access to Trump and his inner circle and whether some of the inauguration money was misspent, according to a senior administration official…

… According to the Mueller report, Barrack recommended that Trump hire his old friend Paul Manafort, who was initially brought onto the campaign to smooth Trump’s path at the Republican convention. Manafort went on to assume a larger role in the campaign after the firing of Corey Lewandowski, only to be ousted himself amid media scrutiny of his business dealings in Ukraine — and later to be indicted for those activities.

And as other prosecutors have dug into Barrack’s handling of the inauguration fund, Trump has privately soured on his mentor…

All the money raised for the convention, a record $107 million, was for the specific purpose of covering inauguration costs, but it came from a number of people and companies Barrack couldn’t convince to give money to the campaign or to outside groups when he was raising money for Trump during the 2016 campaign, according to the senior administration official.

“Trump improbably wins and they’re like, ‘Holy crap, I better send a check.’ They send a check to the inauguration and are like, ‘Look at me, six- or seven-figure check, I’m involved, I support your presidency,’” this person said. “But you didn’t support his candidacy three days ago.”…

The harsh spotlight goes well beyond the inauguration as Barrack, a Lebanese-American who is friendly with several Middle East leaders, has been accused of promoting his own business interests in his dealings with the president.

A report recently released by Democrats on the House Oversight and Reform Committee showed that Barrack worked with well-connected UAE businessman Rashid Al-Malik to make suggestions for an energy speech Trump gave in 2016 to be more favorable toward the Middle East and urged Manafort to get Trump to mention Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed…

Federal prosecutors have probed whether Barrack or other people violated laws requiring public disclosure of efforts to influence national policy or public opinion on behalf of foreign governments or entities, strictures that Manafort, former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn and former deputy campaign manager Rick Gates have all said they violated. Public integrity prosecutors who work for the U.S. Attorney’s office in Brooklyn interviewed Barrack in June as part of the investigation, albeit at Barrack’s request, according to the Times…

Another point of friction in Trump’s relationship with Barrack is that he kept [Rick] Gates, who pleaded guilty to two charges and became a star witness for Mueller, on his company Colony NorthStar’s payroll — at a rate of $20,000 per month, according to the Times — up until the moment when Gates was indicted for money laundering and violating foreign lobbying and tax laws.

Early in Trump’s presidency, Barrack brought Gates to the White House several times and also kept paying him even after Trump urged his friend to fire Gates because he was “bad luck” and “a bad penny” who wouldn’t go away, according to the senior administration official. Gates admitted during Manafort’s trial last summer that he might have stolen money from the inaugural committee, which he helped manage. Gates and his lawyer did not respond to requests for comment.

Several sources said Trump’s falling out with Barrack, who hasn’t yet donated to Trump’s re-election campaign, began even before the damaging reports about the inaugural committee.

“Barrack is the kind of guy who would tell him things he didn’t want to hear, so Trump stopped talking to him,” a former senior White House official said…

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Trump: "Any Jewish People That Vote for a Democrat" Are Either Stupid or Disloyal

Little Green Footballs - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 18:42

There's so much bad craziness emanating from the Trump Chaos Nexus these days, it takes something truly full of suck to stand out, but the president* of the US still manages to bring home the bacon on a regular basis. Today's episode of "What The Hell Is Wrong With The President?" features the narcissist in chief trying to incite rage against Rep. Rashida Tlaib (one of his current hate targets), and ending up saying:

"I think any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat, uh, I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty."

"Great disloyalty." An interesting comment in this context because that's exactly what Trump has accused Rep. Tlaib and Rep. Ilhan Omar of.

But who is he saying these Democratic voters are being disloyal to? Does he mean Israel, which would be pretty weird, but even weirder -- does he mean himself?

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West Virginia: Warmer, Wetter, AND Drier

Balloon Juice - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 16:37

This article caught my eye last weekend. It’s a quick read, but the implications – for WV as a whole and rural residents who are agriculturally dependent, but also for traffic that must transit the state – are dire.

Having just driven back and forth through 4 hours of WV, I can attest to the number of bridges, and I was surprised how many of my favorite passes in Colorado were still closed because of avalanche/road damage from all the precipitation the past 18 months.  If even a few bridges are knocked out because of the combined effects of more moisture and drier, less-absorbent soils, so much commerce will grind to a halt! I know in our talks of Climate Change, rarely is attention given to infrastructure and what happens once it fails. Some places, like WV, are so dependent on bridges that a string of collapses would put a damper on a huge area’s economic activity, not to mention the permanent population shifts as the land no longer supports the people that cling to it.

An excerpt:

If nothing is done to mitigate temperature rise, the study says, Appalachia is likely to become not only hotter, but wetter and drier. How can it be both? Zegre, an associate professor of forest hydrology in the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design and his team, just completed a study of the entire 7 state region.  Here’s how they say it would happen: “As the atmosphere warms, evaporation increases so water that is in the trees, in the soil, in our crops, in wetlands lakes and rivers, evaporates more quickly.”  And with all that water held in the atmosphere, when it rains it pours. “In the steep topography of the Appalachian region, what this translates to, is landslides and floods.”

Article (and audio, for those interested): Appalachia to become hotter, wetter, drier


Open thread!

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Trump's spineless backtrack on background checks further repels suburban women

Daily Kos - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 16:08

Donald Trump had a political gimme—an issue that enjoys 90% support among Americans, polls well with Republicans, and could have given him a chance at expanding his appeal among suburban and college-educated voters who have increasingly soured on the GOP ever since Trump's elevation to the Oval Office.

Fortunately, Trump was too stupid to exploit that opportunity, a sign of just how terribly weak and vulnerable he is politically. On the heels of talking up national support for universal background checks, Trump bowed to pressure from the National Rifle Association (NRA) Monday, telling reporters, "Just remember, we already have a lot of background checks. OK?"

Keep in mind, the NRA is at its weakest point in decades as higher ups in the organization snipe at one another over corruption while board members resign one after the other. So Trump just got cowed by a political group that's presently drowning in scandal, lawsuits, and investigations. In other words, Trump is so frightened by what kind of damage the NRA could do among his exceedingly limited base of supporters, that he couldn't face down the hobbled political organization in order to open a potential pathway to new voters. 

In particular, Trump might have made some inroads among suburban women, who not only shunned Republicans in 2018 but increasingly view Trump as a direct driver of domestic terrorism. The most recent Fox News polls included some brutal numbers for Trump on gun violence. More than 50% of suburban women disapproved of Trump's handling of mass shootings, more than 50% said Trump's sentiments bore partial blame for mass shootings (as did more than 50% of respondents overall), and more than 50% of suburban women said the Trump administration had made the country "less safe" in regard to mass shootings. (In the graph below, dark gray indicates Trump making America “less safe” in terms of mass shootings, light gray is no difference, and red is more safe.)

Graph showing more than 50% of suburban women say the Trump administration has made the nation less safe in regard to mass shootings, nearly 50% of respondents overall say the same thing. Nearly 50% of respondents overall say Trump has made America less safe in terms of mass shootings.
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Moscow Mitch attacked from inside the party for opening the election up to Russia

Daily Kos - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 16:07

A group of Republicans calling themselves "Republicans for the Rule of Law" are finally making themselves useful. They're running ads aimed at Mitch McConnell in the home states of four other Republicans, telling them "don’t let Mitch McConnell stand in your way" and to push McConnell for a vote on election security legislation.

The ad against McConnell hits hard. "Mitch McConnell recently blocked two election security bills from being voted on in the Senate," it starts out, then showing McConnell on the floor saying the Trump administration has made "huge strides on election security and are vigilant and proactive as we head in to 2020." It then asks "Can we trust this administration to defend our elections when our president stood on a stage with the person that attacked America and said 'Putin, he just said it's not Russia,’" followed by a damning 40 seconds of Trump statements dismissing the concerns about Russian interference. "Tell Senator McConnell and tell him," it concludes, "America is relying on you to let Congress do its job and secure our elections." The only thing they leave out is "Moscow Mitch." 

The ads will also run in Florida, Missouri, South Carolina, and Oklahoma, aimed as well at Sens. Marco Rubio, Roy Blunt, Lindsey Graham, and James Lankford. But the ads will also run more strategically, running "nearly daily on Fox & Friends starting Wednesday. They’ll also run on Fox News Sunday and NBC’s Meet the Press in the senators' home cities on Sunday as part of a $400,000 ad buy that includes digital ads." The senators have all supported or sponsored various election security bills, and Blunt chairs the committee that has jurisdiction. 

One of the members of the group, Bill Kristol, said the group believes the issue deserves a hearing on the floor. “How do you defend not letting these bills come to the floor for debate and discussion?” said Kristol. "What's the rationale for literally doing nothing?" There isn't one, unless it's that it's how McConnell thinks he, and Trump, win again in 2020.

Help get him out. Please give $1 to our nominee fund to help Democrats end McConnell's career as majority leader!

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Facebook Still Selling Massive Foreign Ads For Trump - This Time From China

Crooks and Liars - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 15:49

Trump is still benefitting from foreign interference in our elections. And Facebook is helping.

Two MSNBC reporters, Brandy Zadrozny and Ben Collins, broke the story today:

Thread by @oneunderscore__: "So @BrandyZadrozny and I have been working on a story for about five months. It's almost definitely the wildest story I've ever covered. Sou […]"
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Trump Changes His Tune AGAIN On Background Checks

Crooks and Liars - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 15:49

Shep Smith identified a new wrinkle in Donald's ritual caving to Massacre Mitch and the NRA's gun lobby. When it comes to making it harder for angry white men with guns to mow down innocent people, whether they're buying school supplies, or buying garlic, or going to a bar, Trumpy just follows McTurtle and LaPew. But first, he always makes a big show of responding to the actual citizens who would rather not DIE or have their children die in their classrooms or a music festival — he pretends to want stronger gun laws.

read more

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Lunchtime Photo

Kevin Drum - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 15:30

Here’s a lovely image from Sumapaz National Park in Colombia. The flower, if I’ve identified it correctly, is Arcytophyllum nitidum. In California, every wildflower you can imagine seems to have been given a common name, but several of the ones I photographed in Colombia apparently don’t have them, this one included.

Generally speaking, the flora in Colombia looked pretty familiar to a Southern California native. A. nitidum, however, is found only in Colombia and Venezuela.

August 8, 2019 — Sumapaz National Park, Colombia
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HUD prepares to extend Trump administration's pro-discrimination policies to housing

Daily Kos - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 15:23

The Trump administration is continuing its quest to make it harder to challenge discrimination in court. Up now: the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which plans to roll back Obama-era guidelines that allowed legal claims against mortgage lenders, developers, and insurers based on statistical evidence of disparate impact.

Under the Obama policy, if a group could show that a bank gave fewer loans to black people with the same credit scores as white people it would lend to, or that it charged higher interest rates to people of color, it could pursue a discrimination claim and the defendant would have to prove that the differences were for some legitimate business reason. This is important because 1) it’s really hard to prove that people have racism in their hearts, when most businesses these days know they can’t straight-up admit to racism; and 2) because it really doesn’t matter if intentional racism is the cause of people of color being denied loans that would have gone to white people with the same financial position, or paying higher interest rates. It’s still wrong and needs to be fixed. It’s not just about racial discrimination, though. This could affect people with disabilities, women, families, LGBT people

But under the Trump administration plan, plaintiffs will have to meet a much higher bar to bring a case at all. The proposal “basically is saying that you have to prove your entire case when you file it. This is unheard of,” the National Fair Housing Alliance’s Lisa Rice said. “This is just another attempt by the Trump administration to take away yet another civil-rights protection.”

It’s not just HUD—this move is part of a broader policy of blocking anti-discrimination efforts and echoes an Education Department policy change to stop preventing schools from disciplining black and brown kids more harshly than white kids. This is the Trump administration: giving license to discriminate in housing and education and anywhere else they can find a way.

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Midday open thread: Measles, a suicide watch, about those kids, and an amazing interpreter

Daily Kos - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 15:00
Cartoon by Jen Sorensen

The measles outbreak in the U.S., which is fast approaching the 1-year mark and has broken a 27-year record, has reached 1,203 cases in 30 states since the start of 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday.

The man charged in the El Paso Walmart mass shooting is on suicide watch, authorities say.

Having children will make you happier than staying childless, according to a new study, but not until later in life, when they have flown the nest.

A team of researchers at Heidelberg University in Germany found that parents tend to be happier than non-parents in old age, but this only holds if their kids have moved out.

  • This sign language interpreter is amazing:


On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: Another day away from the mic? Well, as always, life happens! Here's how it went on 8/22/18: The Manafort conviction! The Cohen allocution! The Hunter indictment! The Buchanan allegations! Greg Dworkin and Armando helped us cover it all.

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Gay conservative group loses members following pathetic endorsement of Trump 2020

Daily Kos - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 14:54

It’s unclear exactly how big the Log Cabin Republicans group is, but it’s now down by a couple following the resignation of two members over the gay conservative group’s pathetic endorsement of Trump 2020. “It saddens me greatly to say that today, I am ending my association with Log Cabin Republicans, an organization I’ve been heavily involved with for the last decade—including serving as president of the D.C. chapter for three years,” Robert Turner wrote in a Facebook post. 

“But for me, there’s no more fight left,” he continued. “The national board’s endorsement of Trump, and their subsequent and hollow WaPo op-ed, is a step too far. And this leaves me sad.” There’s a lot about this that’s sad, but it’s all self-inflicted, because the group didn’t have to endorse Trump, or anyone for that matter. The group sat out 2016 and could have decided to do the same again in 2020, but jumped on the Trump Train even though the car plainly reads “no gays allowed” on the outside.

Turner wasn’t alone either, following the resignation of another member, Jennifer Horn, over the group’s endorsement. “There is no world where I can sit down at the dining room table and explain to my children that I just endorsed Donald Trump for president,” she told The Washington Post. “It is contrary to everything that I have ever taught them about what it means to be a good, decent, principled member of society.”

Good for them, I guess, but there’s no information about what either Turner or Horn plan to do to help make sure Trump doesn’t get a second term, where only more horrors attacking the LGBTQ community would wait. Sure, both of these people have left the group and made a public fuss about it, but will they actually vote for someone who will protect the LGBTQ community? Because that’s certainly not going to be found on the Republican ticket.

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Conservative Report on Facebook Provides No Information At All

Kevin Drum - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 14:44

Sen. Jon Kyl released his interim report today on whether Facebook is biased against conservatives. Ali Breland and Pema Levy describe it here, summing it up with, “Kyl’s report did not find any evidence of conservative bias at Facebook.”

OK, sure, but there has to be more than that. I mean, what did he find? So I went over and read it for myself. And the answer, almost literally, is that he found nothing. In fact, he didn’t even look. All he did was talk to a bunch of conservatives to find out what they thought Facebook might be doing to them. As a public service, I’ll provide this abridged version:

In January 2018, Facebook changed its content ranking algorithm to favor content that a given user’s friends and family comment on and share, as well as news from broadly trusted sources. Several interviewees believed that this change disproportionately decreased the reach of conservative news content….Facebook has made a concerted effort to de-prioritize clickbait and spam. Interviewees generally supported this goal, but found Facebook’s policies for doing so too opaque….Interviewees expressed significant concerns about Facebook’s efforts to combat what the company refers to as “false news.” In particular, interviewees pointed to examples of instances when some of the third-party fact-checkers utilized by Facebook at various times…have skewed to the ideological Left.

….Interviewees’ concerns stemmed both from the notion of having a “hate speech” policy in the first place and from unfair labeling of certain speech as “hate speech.”…Interviewees frequently expressed concern over Facebook’s perceived reliance on the Southern Poverty Law Center (“SPLC”) and other left-leaning organizations to identify hate groups….Interviewees believed that other aspects of Facebook’s Community Standards also disproportionately affect conservative content.

….Some interviewees provided specific examples of instances in which they believed Facebook unfairly removed or downgraded content or Pages because they were conservative…Interviewees were concerned that conservative ad content is disproportionately removed or rejected as compared to liberal content and described a general lack of transparency with respect to why Facebook removes or rejects certain ads.

So that’s it. A bunch of conservatives repeated standard conservative talking points about how they’ve been treated unfairly but provided no evidence that they had actually been treated unfairly. Nor was it part of Kyl’s remit to check this out independently or to compare it to the way liberals and independents are treated. There is literally nothing here.

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