Acting President Hannity Orders Barr To Investigate Trump's Deep State Enemies

Crooks and Liars - 10 hours 4 min ago

Following in President Lou Dobbs' footsteps, Acting President Sean Hannity demanded the incoming Attorney General deal with Deep State enemies..

On Thursday, the Fox News host laid out Trump's enemy list he considers "deep state actors" aching to overthrow Trump's presidency. Hannity then demanded they be held accountable by the newly minted Attorney General William Barr.

Hannity had just finished advising Trump on signing the spending bill and declaring a National Emergency for his border wall funding so when he says his sources tell him something from within the Trump administration, it makes it more credible.

After going ballistic over Andrew McCabe's new book and upcoming 60 Minutes appearance. Sean was foaming at the mouth. "They even plotted and schemed to remove a duly elected president from office because they didn't like him or want him to win!"

"It seems like they are getting away with it," he continued. "We have a new Attorney General, hopefully that will change. My sources telling me tonight things are happening as we speak."

James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates and Rod Rosenstein all made his hit list. Sean went on about FISA warrant lies, just like Dobbs did.

He is also not fond of former CIA Director John Brennan, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

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Donald Trump, incompetent super villain, comes up against the power of law, man

Daily Kos - 10 hours 17 min ago

In the movies, super villains always pause in the middle of their evil schemes to give a detailed account of why and how they’re out to end, ruin, or run the world. On Friday, life followed art—only life has much poorer writing than even the worst comic book film. 

Donald Trump shambled onto the steps above the Rose Garden Friday morning, appropriately enough backed by nothing, to talk about China, the stock market, his close friendship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, women with duct tape on their mouths, and just incidentally, how he was going to misuse the National Emergency Act to steal $8 billion in taxpayer dollars for a vanity project. And, while he tried to bury his scheme in an incredible stream of incoherent babble, it still didn’t stop him from admitting that his abuse of power was fundamentally to no end.

“I didn’t need to do this.”

What’s that? Why is there an emergency being declared if even Lex Luthor’s much dumber brother doesn’t think it’s an emergency?

“The only reason why we're up here talking about this is because of the election.”

That’s good clarity. Trump also let it be known that running off with the money that’s supposed to provide homes, schools, and hospital beds for military families was no big deal. No big deal at all.

“It didn’t sound too important to me.”

It was, all an all, probably the most bizarre speech that has ever been delivered within a mile of the White House — and that includes some pretty colorful statements from the far side of the gates. But there was one last bit of truth in Trump’s monologuing

“And then we will be sued.”

Ding. Ding. Ding. Oh, yes, you will.

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Mike's Blog Round Up

Crooks and Liars - 11 hours 33 min ago
Mike's Blog Round Up

Happy weekend, fellow hostages, er, Crooks and Liars! What a day Friday was! From the National Emergency that isn't to tough words from Marco Rubio, the blogosphere had it all from A to B and back again!

Greg Fallis says what's on everyone's mind.

News Corpse tells us who influenced Comrade Trump's decision.

I Should Be Laughing gives us some examples of true national emergencies.

Bonus Track: Miss Cellania reminds us that it is the thought that counts.

Round-up by Tengrain who blogs at Mock, Paper, Scissors. You can follow Tengrain on the Twitters, too. Send tips, requests, and suggestions to mbru@crooksandliars.com (with For MBRU in the subject line).

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Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: The national emergency is Donald Trump

Daily Kos - 12 hours 4 min ago

National fake emergency is for Trump’s base and Trump’s base alone. I sound like a broken record on this “Trump’s base, so what? Not enough to win with” stuff, but there’s reason.


Nate Silver/FiveThirtyEight (from 11/18):

Trump’s Base Isn’t Enough

This year’s results do serve as a warning to Trump in one important sense, however: His base alone will not be enough to win a second term. Throughout the stretch run of the 2018 midterm campaign, Trump and Republicans highlighted highly charged partisan issues, from the Central American migrant caravan to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. And Republican voters did indeed turn out in very high numbers: GOP candidates for the House received more than 50 million votes, more than the roughly 45 million they got in 2010.

But it wasn’t enough, or even close to enough. Problem No. 1 is that Republicans lost among swing voters: Independent voters went for Democrats by a 12-point margin, and voters who voted for a third-party candidate in 2016 went to Democrats by 13 points.

Trump and Republicans also have Problem No. 2, however: Their base is smaller than the Democratic one. This isn’t quite as much of a disadvantage as it might seem; the Democratic base is less cohesive and therefore harder to govern. Democratic voters are sometimes less likely to turn out, although that wasn’t a problem this year. And because Republican voters are concentrated in rural, agrarian states, the GOP has a big advantage in the Senate.

And see this one, too, from last month:

Rachel Bitecofer/NY Times:

Why Trump Will Lose in 2020

The president is running hard on a strategy of riling up his base. But by doing that, he riles up the Democratic base, too, and that one is bigger.

All of this was validated in 2018. That’s why Nancy Pelosi is speaker.

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Snarky Puppy Live @ Festival Django Reinhardt 2018: "Grown Folks"

Little Green Footballs - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 23:57

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Open thread for night owls: Excerpts from the March edition of Harper's Index

Daily Kos - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 23:30

Here are a few excerpts from the latest Harper’s Index:

  • Number of congressional districts that border Mexico: 9
  • Number that are represented by a Republican: 1
  • Votes by which that district’s congressman won reelection in November: 926
  • Ratio of the number of Democratic House seats held by women in 1989 to the number held today: 16:89
  • Of the number of Republican House seats: 1:1
  • Percentage of Americans who did not vote in the midterm elections who say they wish they had: 61
  • Percentage of the global population who say they would move to a different country if given the opportunity: 15
  • Percentage of Americans who say they would: 16
  • Chances an American has held off seeking health-care treatment in the past year because of costs: 3 in 10
  • Percentage change in the number of annual complaints filed to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau since 2016: +34
  • In the number of publicly announced enforcement actions by the CFPB: –74
  • Percentage decline since 2010 in the number of IRS auditors: 35
  • Year in which the IRS last had so few auditors: 1953
  • Percentage of US police departments since 2014 that have reported relaxing hiring standards for prior drug use: 54
  • Percentage of US parents under 50 who say it’s unlikely they will have more children: 71

Organize-Fish-eating-fish_NoTEXT_BlueRed.jpg Indivisible’s list of Resistance Events & Groups



“The American People will take Socialism, but they won’t take the label. I certainly proved it in the case of EPIC. Running on the Socialist ticket I got 60,000 votes, and running on the slogan to ‘End Poverty in California’ I got 879,000. I think we simply have to recognize the fact that our enemies have succeeded in spreading the Big Lie. There is no use attacking it by a front attack, it is much better to out-flank them.” ~~Upton Sinclair in 1951 letter to Norman M. Thomas




On this date at Daily Kos in 2012The death of the Republican dog whistle:

In the idealized version of the GOP primary, establishment Republicans would curry favor with their Wall Street pals while sending coded dog whistles to their foot soldiers—on race, immigration, reproductive freedoms, etc. Those dog whistles would motivate the GOP base without revealing their true radical nature to the American mainstream. It was a genius system while it worked, one that saw no parallel on the progressive side.

But the days of the dog whistle are over. The election of President Barack Obama created an entire cottage industry trying to prove how un-American and Kenyan he supposedly is, while Republicans like Rep. Pete Hoekstra run blatantly anti-Asian ads. Republicans laugh about electrocuting immigrants who will cut off your head in the desert if they're not stopped, while passing laws openly hostile to brown people. Attacks on homosexuals have escalated to new hysterical highs as society becomes more tolerant and open to equality.​​​​​​​

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: Hey, kids! Stay in school! Or don't. Whatever. YouTubers are making a mint chewing food on camera. A real Harvard law prof has declared the Constitution unconstitutional. And Armando joins us in witnessing the "national emergency" trainwreck.

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Samantha Bee Calls Out Medical Fat-Shaming

Crooks and Liars - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 23:30

In case you missed this week's "Full Frontal," Sam Bee took on the medical profession regarding their hatred and shaming of fat people.

Medical bigotry leads to doctor's failure to diagnose other issues unrelated to weight. And it doesn't help anybody.

Open thread below...

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C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Bohemian Vendetta

Crooks and Liars - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 23:01

Ahh, It's Friday. Seems it took forever for it arrive this week. Well, in my case at least. Those seasonal doldrums that come with existing in the rust belt, I guess.

Anyway, time to decamp from all that evening if the weight of the world will do plenty to stay heavy on the mind. It's the sort of the thing that New York's Bohemian Vendetta addresses on this 1966 recording. Tonight's song "Like Stoned" also kicks off my latest podcast too.

What are you listening to tonight?

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Mueller's office says the law indicates Paul Manafort, 69, deserves a sentence of 19.5 to 24.5 years

Daily Kos - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 19:58

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office said in a memo Friday night that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort deserves 19.5 years to 24.5 years in prison for his conviction for eight financial crimes. It also noted that calculations under penalty guidelines suggest a fine range of $50,000 to $24,371,497.74, a term of supervised release of up to five years, restitution in the amount of $24,815,108.74, and forfeiture in the amount of $4,412,500.

You can read the entire 120-page sentencing memo at this link:

Manafort was the lead perpetrator and a direct beneficiary of each offense. And while some of these offenses are commonly prosecuted, there was nothing ordinary about the millions of dollars involved in the defendant’s crimes, the duration of his criminal conduct, or the sophistication of his schemes.

His criminal decisions were not momentary or limited in time; they were routine. And Manafort’s repeated misrepresentations to financial institutions were brazen, at least some of which were made at a time when he was the subject of significant national attention. Neither the Probation Department nor the government is aware of any mitigating factors. Manafort did not commit these crimes out of necessity or hardship. He was well educated, professionally successful, and financially well off. He nonetheless cheated the United States Treasury and the public out of more than $6 million in taxes at a time when he had substantial resources. Manafort committed bank fraud to supplement his liquidity because his lavish spending exhausted his substantial cash resources when his overseas income dwindled.

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Bombshell: Texts Between Roger Stone And Wikileaks Found In Russian Files

Crooks and Liars - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 19:46
 Texts Between Roger Stone And Wikileaks Found In Russian Files

As Robert Mueller likes to do, Friday night brings us a HUGE news dump of breaking news. Here it is: The Special Counsel stated in a filing that they have *proof* that Roger Stone communicated with Wikileaks, and they found it in the files of indicted Russians.

CNN reports that while investigating the Russian hacking of the Democrats, they "obtained and executed dozens of search warrants on various accounts used to facilitate the transfer of stolen documents for release, as well as to discuss the timing and promotion of their release."

In layman's terms: They have proof of coordination of timing and promotion of release of certain emails.

The Special Counsel went on: "Several of those search warrants were executed on accounts that contained Stone's communications with Guccifer 2.0 and with Organization 1" (Organization 1 is Wikileaks)

This means they have actual proof that Stone coordinated with not only Guccifer 2.0, but Wikileaks...on everything. Release, timing of the releases and how to promote them. THIS IS HUGE.

To be clear, the filing does not give any examples of communications outside of what was explained above. We do not know what exact emails were discussed, if anyone else was mentioned, if any other coordination or hacking was discussed, etc. But the one thing we do know, and this is a biggie, is that there WAS collusion. This cannot be disputed anymore.

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Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Resistance FRIDAY!

Daily Kos - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 19:31


In Case You Missed It

There were some microphone issues last week during the State of the Union. For the sake of a more reliable transcript, here’s the actual audio. The House recorder regrets the inconvenience: 

x x YouTube Video


Oh, and this little nugget posted two years ago today is worth a moment of reflection:


Sentencing of the Trump crime family traitor on the left: March 13th. Sentencing of the Trump crime family traitor on the right: TBA. Won’t it be a kick chanting “Lock them up” as they’re actually getting locked up. Hillary, meanwhile, continues to roam the forests and glens, unfettered and fancy free, as one of the most admired women on the face of the earth 4evuh.

Your west-coast-friendly edition of Cheers and Jeers starts below the fold...[Swoosh!!] RIGHTNOW! [Gong!!]

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Trump Crime Cartel Open Thread: Roger Stone Update

Balloon Juice - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 18:04

Politico‘s take:

[T]he judge said [Stone] could keep talking about the case with the caveat that she could change her mind and amend her order “if necessary.”

She also lumped Stone in with all the parties in the case and potential witnesses when they are around the D.C. courthouse. In those circumstances, Jackson cautioned that any comments must not “pose a substantial likelihood of material prejudice to this case” and cannot be “intended to influence any juror, potential juror, judge, witness or court officer or interfere with the administration of justice.”

Jackson concluded her ruling with a warning that Stone should consider that any excessive public comments may come back to bite him.

“While it is not up to the court to advise the defendant as to whether a succession of public statements would be in his best interest at this time, it notes that one factor that will be considered in the evaluation of any future request for relief based on pretrial publicity will be the extent to which the publicity was engendered by the defendant himself,” Jackson wrote…

To paraphrase comedian Ron White: Stone has the right to remain silent, but does he have the ability?

Related reading, from Jeffrey Toobin for the New Yorker, “Roger Stone’s and Jerome Corsi’s Time in the Barrel”:

The Stone indictment reads like a political black comedy. It stars a pair of mismatched operatives, Stone and the right-wing author Jerome Corsi, who, without formal connections to the Trump campaign, went on a transatlantic quest for dirt. Mueller’s indictment does not charge Stone with any involvement in the hacking, but accuses him of lying to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence about his (and Corsi’s) efforts to pry loose the hacked e-mails from WikiLeaks. Stone is also charged with trying to coerce Randy Credico, a New York media figure and a sometime friend of Stone’s, into joining his efforts to interfere with the work of the House committee. According to the indictment, Stone, in order to prevent Credico from sharing what he knew, sent menacing e-mails to him, including one that said “Prepare to die,” followed by an expletive. He also threatened to steal Credico’s thirteen-year-old therapy dog, a Coton de Tulear named Bianca.

Stone has responded to Mueller’s charges with fevered hyperbole. “Those who think the Mueller investigation will die out with a whimper are dreaming,” he told me on the phone in early February, after his arraignment in federal court in Washington, D.C. “This is a pretext to allow them to remove both Trump and Pence and replace them with Leather Face—I mean, Nancy Pelosi—and then she can appoint Hillary Clinton as V.P. That’s been the agenda from the beginning.” He has vowed to contest the charges at trial. “We’re going to fight them on every piece of evidence, fight them on every witness. We are going to concede nothing.”

Corsi has not been charged, but, in December, he sued Mueller for three hundred and fifty million dollars, saying that the special counsel had engaged in prosecutorial misconduct and illegal surveillance, among other misdeeds. In this civil case, which is pending, Corsi is being represented by Larry Klayman, a Washington lawyer and eccentric best known for filing multiple lawsuits against Bill Clinton’s Administration. Also in December, Corsi published an e-book, “Silent No More: How I Became a Political Prisoner of Mueller’s ‘Witch Hunt,’ ” which recounts his experiences with Mueller’s team and what he calls being “mentally tortured by Mueller’s Deep State prosecutors.”

If Stone and Corsi had not turned up in the Mueller probe, they might have been just a pair of waning satellites in the right-wing solar system. Stone once cut a glamorous figure, with his bodybuilder’s physique and his bespoke suits from London. But, at sixty-six, he is out of shape, he hasn’t played a major role in a campaign in ages, and he scratches out a living by giving speeches, doing a little corporate consulting, and writing for fringe publishers and Web sites. (The house on the canal is rented.) Corsi is seventy-two, and spent most of his life as a marginal academic and a nomadic businessman. In middle age, he began writing books whose conceits—“Swift-boating,” “birtherism”—became shorthand for journalistic irresponsibility. Corsi, who earned a doctorate from Harvard in 1972, stamps “Ph.D.” after his name on the cover of his books as an almost poignant plea for respectability…

A jury will resolve the question of Stone’s guilt, and Mueller will decide whether to charge Corsi, but the geriatric bad boy and the literary charlatan have a wider significance. Stone and Corsi are, respectively, the progenitor and the expositor of the world view of the current President of the United States. Stone’s vulgar narcissism and his insistence on claiming victory at all costs anticipated Trump’s. Stone has Richard Nixon’s face tattooed on his back and Nixon’s values imprinted on his soul; the amoral ruthlessness of the thirty-seventh President passed, through Stone, to the forty-fifth. Corsi tells stories the way Trump does, starting with the desired conclusion and then arranging facts to support it. He cultivated Trump’s obsessions, including genetic purity, as reflected in claims that Obama was born in Kenya rather than in Hawaii; contempt for the two-party system and the political élite, particularly the Bush and Clinton families; and fear and suspicion of the American intelligence agencies and their purported involvement in events such as the Kennedy assassination and the decision to invade Iraq. Through the crucible of the Russia investigation, the fates of these men have become linked, and their cases will help determine the outcome of the epic clash between the special counsel and the President…

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Cartoon: Mitch's Green raw deal

Daily Kos - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 17:50

I don't care for this Mitch McConnell fella. No siree.

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For some reason, DNC Chair Tom Perez STILL wants to give Fox News a presidential primary debate

Daily Kos - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 17:30

Campaign Action

On Friday, Daily Kos delivered 120,000 of your signatures to the Democratic National Committee, urging it to abandon the ludicrous notion of rewarding Fox News with a Democratic presidential primary debate. 

As Eric Boehlert pointed out, this is a terrible idea for countless (and obvious!) reasons. For example, “Can you imagine being Seth Rich's mother and father, knowing that Fox News dragged your son's name through the mud and toyed with his death for attempted partisan gain—your son who worked for the DNC!—and then watching Fox News being given the honor and privilege of hosting a DNC debate?” 

This really should be a no-brainer. DNC Chair Tom Perez should’ve never told Fox host Brett Baier that “Absolutely we’re having discussions with Fox” about having a debate. (Baier was ecstatic, responding, “Happy to hear that.”) And once over a hundred thousand Democrats mobilized against the idea, there would have been no harm in the party saying, “Good point, and don’t worry, there are plenty of credible news outlets available to host debates. Fox won’t be one of them.” 

Instead, it refuses to make any such commitment. I sent DNC Communications Director Xochitl Hinojosa a series of questions about the Fox debate, and in response, she sent this bullshit of horseshit:

[DNC] CEO Seema Nanda received the petition and thanked the activists. We are talking to cable and broadcast networks, as well as a whole host of outlets, including digital outlets. A number of media outlets have submitted proposals, and we're reviewing these proposals.      

As you can see, nothing in that statement precludes the possibility of Fox News hosting a debate. I followed up with a simple yes/no question: “So to be extra clear, the DNC is still considering letting Fox News host a debate, further validating them and their anti-Democratic agenda?” I got crickets as a response. 

So the battle continues. And what a stupid battle! Rather than do the right thing, Tom Perez has decided they’d rather create unnecessary internal conflict in order to protect Fox News. It’s so ridiculous it boggles the mind! 

If you haven’t already, sign the petition. This matter will certainly escalate, as we fight to keep our party from shooting itself in the foot. 

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Voting Rights Roundup: How the Electoral College could give way to a national popular vote by 2024

Daily Kos - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 17:10
Leading Off

Electoral College: After gaining unified control of state government in 2018, Democrats in Colorado and New Mexico are quickly moving to pass laws that would bring their states' 14 Electoral College votes into the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. This agreement would have every member state give its electoral votes (EVs) to the national popular vote winner if enough states with a majority of EVs—270 in total—sign up. Once that threshold is reached, all presidential candidates would have to compete to win the national popular vote rather than the Electoral College vote, effectively ending the Electoral College without needing to amend the Constitution.​

Campaign Action

​As shown on the map at the top of this post (see here for a larger version, or see here for a regular state map), we'll explore how Democrats could get enough states to join the compact so that it would take effect for the 2024 presidential election, if all goes according to plan. With Republican legislators voting in lockstep against the proposal, Democrats must rely on states where they have full control of government to join the compact. GOP gerrymandering helped prevent Democrats from taking legislative majorities in a handful of key states last year, and it likewise precludes the compact from reaching a majority in time for 2020.

However, there are already several states where Democrats are in charge that could vote to join the compact right away. That includes:

  • Colorado — 9 EVs
  • Delaware — 3 EVs
  • Maine — 4 EVs
  • Nevada — 6 EVs
  • New Mexico — 5 EVs
  • Oregon — 7 EVs

That’s a total of 34 EVs, so if all these states were to join, the compact would grow from 172 to 206 EVs. The next battle would be in Virginia, which will elect every member of its legislature this November. Democrats need to flip just a single state Senate seat and two state House seats to win unified control of government, meaning they could add Virginia's 13 EVs to the compact to give it 219 EVs. That’s still well shy of the 270 EVs needed, but depending on the results of state-level elections over the next few cycles, 2024 could be within reach.

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Mitch McConnell Doesn't Seem Too Worried About Our Super Dangerous National Emergency [VIDEO]

Little Green Footballs - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 16:18

I hope you've got stores of canned goods, bottled water, dehydrated meals, and masking tape for your windows, because we're in a state of emergency now.

[...lights hair on fire, runs in circles screaming...]

Apparently there's an invasion of crime-committing, raping, murdering monsters happening on the southern border of the US, although nobody but Donald Trump can actually see it.

But it's comforting to know that not even a SUPER DANGEROUS NATIONAL EMERGENCY can stop the president* from enjoying yet another golf weekend.

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ICE is jailing asylum-seekers at an isolated Mississippi private prison miles from any legal help

Daily Kos - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 15:53

Due to overcrowding in detention facilities elsewhere, immigration officials are jailing a significant number of vulnerable asylum-seekers in a private prison run by CoreCivic, a company that has had such a long history of abuses that it changed its name as part of a PR makeover. But this Mississippi prison is so secretive that it’s unknown exactly how many Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainees are even there. “Congress required ICE in 2018 to publish basic information about the jails and detention centers it uses,” Mother Jones reports, “but the agency has kept Tallahatchie off that list.” 

Since Mississippi does not have a history of immigration detention, access to legal counsel at Tallahatchie is severely limited; the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s website lists no immigration attorneys within 50 miles of the prison. Lawyers who have worked at the facility say there are not enough Spanish-speaking staff members at the prison, let alone those who speak the native languages of asylum-seekers from Africa and South Asia. 

A Southern Poverty Law Center attorney said that “if someone wanted to build a jail where asylum-seekers lose otherwise winnable cases because of lack of access to the outside world, that jail would probably look a lot like Tallahatchie does now.” Last year, the group sued the private-prison profiteers running Tallahatchie, accusing CoreCivic of forcing immigrants jailed in Georgia “to work for as little as $1 a day to clean, cook, and maintain the detention center in a scheme to maximize profits.” Conditions at Tallahatchie are also dire.

Last weekend, a Wyoming man detained at Tallahatchie died by apparent suicide. One month ago, a Cameroonian immigrant who tried to hang himself with a bedsheet was saved by a fellow detainee, who was a paramedic in Nicaragua. Isaac Molina had fled after being shot by police, after he had assisted demonstrators who were injured in an anti-government political protest. Once he arrived in the U.S., Molina passed his initial asylum interview. He has U.S. family he can be released to, but ICE continues to keep him detained. “As soon as I left my country, I knew I wasn’t going back,” he said. “Maybe when my papers are in completely in order, I can go back to having a normal life. That’s what I want the most: to have a normal life.”

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been interviewed by Mueller's team

Daily Kos - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 15:39

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been barely working recently, with the blessing of her media-combative dictator in chief. CNN reports that Sanders did answer a few questions about whether or not she had been asked to speak with the special counsel’s investigators. She told the news outlet that she “was happy to voluntarily sit down with them.”

According to CNN, the interview came around the same time former White House chief of staff John Kelly was interviewed. Remember him? What Sanders spoke about with the Mueller team is not known. CNN speculates that she was asked about how she receives her marching orders, who tells her what to say, and what Donald Trump’s place is in that process. 

This isn’t a bombshell, but it does show how thorough the Mueller investigation has been in trying to create a detailed understanding of the corrupt hierarchy in the White House. Considering that Sanders has frequently lied on behalf of the Trump administration, either as directed or by her own design, not only might she know a little bit about buried bodies, but she might be liable for other public lies as well.

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Federal judge just slapped gag order on Roger Stone and his attorneys

Daily Kos - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 15:23

Since Trump adviser and very strange person Roger Stone was arrested and charged with seven counts of perjury and obstruction in connection with the Robert Mueller investigation of Donald Trump, he’s been doing a lot of what he’s always done—being an abrasive jerk and a nuisance. On Friday, possibly to save America from hearing from Stone over the Presidents Day weekend, Judge Amy Berman Jackson slapped a gag order on Stone and his legal team, saying that there was a very real chance that Stone and his team could make statements that could result in “a substantial likelihood of material prejudice to this case.”

Judge Jackson highlighted the need for all parties to stop making statements and holding press conferences in and around the courthouse, saying that she worried about “public statements made in the District of Columbia, directed at individuals who may be members of the venire from which the jury will be drawn.”

According to CNN senior justice correspondent Evan Pérez, Stone can continue blathering away outside of D.C.



I wonder how long he can stay away from those microphones and cameras in front of the courthouse, which he loves so very much.

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Friday Cat Blogging – 15 February 2019

Kevin Drum - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 15:00

Back when I was taking pictures of raindrop splashes, I opened the window over my desk and took the screen out. This immediately attracted both cats, who were fascinated by this brand new way to get into the backyard. They were also fascinated by the birds who cluster around here because this is where our bird feeder is. In this picture, Hilbert’s attention is locked on a bird that he is hoping will fly into his mouth. Hopper’s attention is apparently locked on my computer. Or possibly a bug of some kind. Who knows?

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