World Cup: Just Plain Fun!

Balloon Juice - Mon, 07/02/2018 - 09:30

Wow folks, yesterday did not disappoint! What a pair of thrilling matches, into PKs.


Let’s see what Madame Fate has in store for the teams today!

First up, at 10: Mexico v Brazil. Vamos Mexico!

Then at 2, Belgium v Japan.  I expect Belgium will win, but this cup has been full of surprises, so let’s see what happens!


Enjoy the matches today folks!

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Mountains of Popcorn (Open Thread)

Balloon Juice - Mon, 07/02/2018 - 09:26

First, Michael Cohen:

Could he be angling for a pardon? I guess. But given all the material seized from his office, one wonders if there isn’t evidence of state crimes available to prosecutors. A presidential pardon wouldn’t help there. Also, there’s bad blood between Cohen and the Trumps. Via NY Mag on June 20:

Mr. Cohen has frequently told associates in recent months he is frustrated that the president hasn’t offered to pay his legal fees, which he has said are “bankrupting” him, according to one of the people. He has said he feels that Mr. Trump owes him after his years of loyalty to the former real-estate developer, whom he served for nearly a decade at the Trump Organization.

The Trump campaign has already spent nearly $230,000 on Cohen’s legal expenses related to the special counsel’s investigation into Russian interference. But it has not shelled out for the probe into Cohen’s business dealings — some of which happen to involve both Donald Trump and alleged money-launderers.

According to the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, the Trump family “feels like it’s being shaken down” — while Cohen’s allies say that the “Trump family is being short-sighted.”

The Trumps shooting themselves in the feet because they’re greedy, entitled shit-stains? Sounds plausible!

In other news, via TPM:

Broidy Breaks Off Hush Money Payments, Claims Breach Of Contract

Top Republican donor Elliott Broidy will end hush money payments to his onetime mistress in a situation arranged by former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, claiming a breach of the nondisclosure agreement.

According to a Sunday Wall Street Journal report, Broidy agreed last year to pay Playboy model Shera Bechard $1.6 million in installments in exchange for her silence about their alleged affair.

The deal was reached when Keith Davidson, former lawyer for Bechard and Stormy Daniels, called Cohen, having worked with him in the hush money payments for Daniels and another alleged Trump mistress Karen McDougal. Cohen negotiated the repayment plan for Broidy, his old colleague at the Republican National Committee.

Broidy is saying the deal is off because Davidson talked to the Forrest Gump of Trump scandals, attorney Michael Avenatti. Avenatti won’t confirm or deny the report, but he urged Bechard to tell her story.

And what a story she may have to tell: The Broidy payoff strikes many folks as fishy — that’s a shitload of money for a fairly obscure guy to cough up to hide evidence of adultery. Trump only paid Stormy $130K during a presidential election. There’s some speculation that Broidy may be covering for Trump.

If in fact Trump rather than Broidy knocked Bechard up and subsequently paid for her abortion, that could prove awkward as the Trump administration seats an anti-choice judge on the Supreme Court. I mean, there’s no mass of hypocrisy too large for white evangelicals to swallow in ritual idolatry for their absurd and lumpy Orange Calf, but damn.

Anyhoo, Alexa, order ALL the goddamned popcorn!

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