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LPM Enabler lets jailbroken iPads utilize Low Power Mode ahead of iPadOS 15

iDownloadBlog - 15 hours 51 min ago

Low Power Mode is noticeably missing from iPadOS, but Apple intends to change that with the release of iPadOS 15 this Fall. Fortunately, this jailbreak tweak lets iPad owners enjoy Low Power Mode right now.
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A Bunch of Google Drive Links Are About To Be Broken

Slashdot - 16 hours 52 min ago
In a blog post today, Google announced a series of new security enhancements that will make many publicly accessible Google Drive links no longer accessible. The enhancements are being brought to Google Drive on September 23rd, 2021. XDA Developers reports: Once this change goes live, Google says that users will need a "resource key" to access a publicly shared link. However, users won't need an updated link with said resource key appended if they've already accessed that file before in the past. As a result of this change, we can imagine that lots of Google Drive links shared online on forums and other sites will no longer work as their owners neglect to update them, leaving them only accessible to the people that have already clicked the links before. According to the post made on the Google Workspace blog, this won't affect all files. Users who have shared a file that is affected by this change will get an email from Google informing them of this change and how to opt out of needing those files from being updated. These emails will be sent out to users starting on July 26th. Google shared a copy of a sample email to show end-users what the message they'll get will look like. The company doesn't recommend opting out all files and says that only the files that you want publicly accessible should be opted out. Users have until September 13th to decide if they want the update applied, so if you have no files that are publicly accessible, then you won't need to do anything. YouTube is also making similar changes. "Starting on July 23, Unlisted videos uploaded before the January 1, 2017, system change will be automatically made private," reports 9to5Google. "That said, YouTube creators can decide to opt out of this change. Filling out this form will let you 'keep your Unlisted videos uploaded before 2017 in their current Unlisted state.' Other options include making Unlisted pre-2017 videos public or re-uploading as a new Unlisted video at the expense of stats."

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Ask HN: What software do you use to gather requirements?

Hacker News - 17 hours 9 min ago

Hello HN,

We have been gathering our requirements and doing our work breakdown structure (WBS) across Google Docs / Sheets and Word / Excel.

In most scenarios, the requirement is not finalized initially. It goes through multiple iterations. To track these changes needs document versioning. Although, there are ways to version both documents and spreadsheets there are either too technical (code version management system) or difficult to use (Google Docs etc.)

The same challenge exists for the WBS. Here, we can probably use Microsoft Project or something similar.

The question to all HNers -

For both requirement gathering and WBS, what I'm looking for -

1. Some organized way to gather information (preferably in some itemized form)

2. Automatic version management and an easy way to see how things have changed

A bonus would be to somehow link between the requirements and WBS.

This can be either a free, open-source, self-hosted or paid option.

Also, it would be useful to know if anybody is using software like Notion, Outline, OneNote for this purpose.

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Apple TV+ reminds users that their free trials are finally expiring

9to5Mac - 17 hours 57 min ago

Apple has started sending out emails to Apple TV+ users whose free trials will finally expire soon, as the (twice extended) free trials with hardware purchases finally come to an end in July.


The post Apple TV+ reminds users that their free trials are finally expiring appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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Apple grows ad business with launch of App Store Search Ads in China

9to5Mac - 18 hours 11 min ago

App Store Search Ads started in 2016, right around the time that Apple announced a financial target to double Services revenue by 2020 (it would go on to easily beat that goal). At the time, Search Ads were sold only in the United States. Apple would quickly expand the ad service internationally.

More than five years on, the company is now releasing App Store Search Ads in China, as first reported by blog AppInChina.


The post Apple grows ad business with launch of App Store Search Ads in China appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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Show HN: 3dasd – open-source DIY room-scale 3D scanner

Hacker News - 19 hours 17 min ago

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Tink Is Joining Visa

Hacker News - 19 hours 29 min ago
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Baker-Watts - 19 hours 45 min ago
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Physicists Induce Motionless Quantum State In Largest Object Yet

Slashdot - 19 hours 52 min ago
Scientists have managed to slow down the atoms almost to a complete stop in the largest macro-scale object yet. The research has been published in the journal Science. New Atlas reports: The temperature of a given object is directly tied to the motion of its atoms -- basically, the hotter something is, the more its atoms jiggle around. By extension, there's a point where the object is so cold that its atoms come to a complete standstill, a temperature known as absolute zero (-273.15 C, -459.67 F). Scientists have been able to chill atoms and groups of atoms to a fraction above absolute zero for decades now, inducing what's called the motional ground state. This is a great starting point to then create exotic states of matter, such as supersolids, or fluids that seem to have negative mass. Understandably, it's much harder to do with larger objects, because they're made up of more atoms which are all interacting with their surroundings. But now, a large international team of scientists has broken the record for largest object to be induced into a motional ground state (or extremely closely to one, anyway). Most of the time, these experiments are done with clouds of millions of atoms, but the new test was performed on a 10-kg (22-lb) object that contains almost an octillion atoms. Strangely enough, that "object" isn't just one thing itself but the combined motion of four different objects, with a mass of 40 kg (88 lb) each. The researchers conducted the experiment at LIGO, a huge facility famous for detecting gravitational waves as they wash over Earth. It does this by beaming lasers down two 4-km (2.5-mile) tunnels, and bouncing them back with mirrors -- and those mirrors were the objects that the new study cooled to a motional ground state. The photons of light in LIGO's lasers exert tiny bumps on the mirrors as they bounce off, and these disturbances can be measured in later photons. Since the beams are constant, the scientists have plenty of data about the motions of the atoms in the mirrors -- meaning they can then design the perfect counteracting forces. To do so, the researchers attached electromagnets to the back of each mirror, which reduced their collective motion almost to the motional ground state. The mirrors moved less than one-thousandth the width of a proton, essentially cooling down to a crisp 77 nanokelvins -- a hair above absolute zero. The team says that this breakthrough could enable new quantum experiments on the macro scale.

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Show HN: Freeciv-Web

Hacker News - 20 hours 52 min ago

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Introduction to Locality-Sensitive Hashing

Hacker News - 21 hours 27 sec ago

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Stress Turns Hair Gray, But It's Reversible, Study Says

Slashdot - Wed, 06/23/2021 - 23:30
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Scientific American: Few harbingers of old age are clearer than the sight of gray hair. As we grow older, black, brown, blonde or red strands lose their youthful hue. Although this may seem like a permanent change, new research reveals that the graying process can be undone -- at least temporarily. In a study published today in eLife, a group of researchers provide the most robust evidence of this phenomenon to date in hair from around a dozen people of various ages, ethnicities and sexes. It also aligns patterns of graying and reversal to periods of stress, which implies that this aging-related process is closely associated with our psychological well-being. The researchers [...] developed a technique to digitize and quantify the subtle changes in color, which they dubbed hair pigmentation patterns, along each strand. These patterns revealed something surprising: In 10 of [the 14 participants], who were between age nine and 39, some graying hairs regained color. The team also found that this occurred not just on the head but in other bodily regions as well. "When we saw this in pubic hair, we thought, 'Okay, this is real,'" [Martin Picard, a mitochondrial psychobiologist at Columbia University] says. "This happens not just in one person or on the head but across the whole body." He adds that because the reversibility only appeared in some hair follicles, however, it is likely limited to specific periods when changes are still able to occur. Most people start noticing their first gray hairs in their 30s -- although some may find them in their late 20s. This period, when graying has just begun, is probably when the process is most reversible, according to [study co-author Ralf Paus, a dermatologist at the University of Miami]. In those with a full head of gray hair, most of the strands have presumably reached a "point of no return," but the possibility remains that some hair follicles may still be malleable to change, he says. In a small subset of participants, the researchers pinpointed segments in single hairs where color changes occurred in the pigmentation patterns. Then they calculated the times when the change happened using the known average growth rate of human hair: approximately one centimeter per month. These participants also provided a history of the most stressful events they had experienced over the course of a year. This analysis revealed that the times when graying or reversal occurred corresponded to periods of significant stress or relaxation. In one individual, a 35-year-old man with auburn hair, five strands of hair underwent graying reversal during the same time span, which coincided with a two-week vacation. Another subject, a 30-year-old woman with black hair, had one strand that contained a white segment that corresponded to two months during which she underwent marital separation and relocation -- her highest-stress period in the year.

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