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Updated: 1 hour 14 min ago

'Like Drinking Bleach?' Fox Guest Swats Complaint About Biden's Covid Messaging

1 hour 41 min ago

Marjorie Clifton, a former consultant for the Obama campaign, derailed a Fox News segment on Monday by reminding host Harris Faulkner that former President Donald Trump had dangerously suggested ingesting bleach to cure COVID-19.

Clifton's remarks came during a Fox News segment that criticized President Joe Biden over a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendation that permits vaccinated people to go without a mask in public places.

"Why can't this administration get on one message that works?" Faulkner asked Clifton.

"Because I don't think there's one message that anyone will adopt," Clifton replied. "Because all of those that said over time we don't want to have masks anymore now have been given permission to shed their masks and yet they're critics."

"I think, unfortunately, in the current day political environment there's never going to be a winning strategy, there's never going to be a one-size-fits-all policy around it," she added.

"But that's not what he sold America," Faulkner scoffed.

"That's what news is apparently thriving on these days," Clifton observed. "Because that's all we've talked about so far."

"What about science?" the Fox News host shot back.

"And the CDC's policies they put forward is based on science," Clifton said. "If you're vaccinated, you don't have to wear a mask. If you aren't then you should. So that's science. Yet we're criticizing that right now."

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Inmates' Choice: Firing Squad Or Electric Chair?

1 hour 42 min ago

On the "how can we be more cruel and inhuman" front, we have the Republican governor of South Carolina uncritically signing a bill designed to kill more (mostly Black) people using methods that are worthy of medieval times. I should also add the disclaimer that I am adamantly against capital punishment in any form, but these two methods on the menu are particularly heinous.

If you are an inmate on Death Row in South Carolina, you may choose lethal injection, a firing squad or the electric chair. Previously, it was just the injection or the electric chair, but South Carolina legislators saw a need for another choice, adding the firing squad to force inmates to choose a method which could be carried out, since lethal injection drugs are in short supply.

There are currently three inmates on death row in South Carolina who have exhausted all of their appeals. All have chosen lethal injection as the method by which they will be killed by the state. This new law will force those three inmates to choose between the attainable options -- firing squad or electric chair.

They could have eliminated it instead. That would have been a better way to go. Instead, they spout this drivel:

“For several years, as most of you know, South Carolina has not been able to carry out executions,” state Sen. Greg Hembree (R), one of the bill’s co-sponsors, said on the Senate floor. “Families are waiting, victims are waiting, the state is waiting.”

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Did The Pope Tweet Fox News To Go To Hell?

4 hours 58 min ago

How does Fox News interpret this particular tweet?

On Sunday (World Communications Day) the Holy Father tweeted that "All of us are responsible for the communications we make, for the information we share, for the control that we can exert over fake news by exposing it. All of us are to be witnesses of the truth: to go, to see and to share. #WorldCommunicationsDay."

From this desk, that tweet seems directly aimed at a certain multi-billionaire right-wing world news mogul named Rupert Murdoch and family.

And that's not all. The Associated Press reported last week that the Vatican had responded to certain American right-wing priests who want to ban US President and practicing Catholic Joe Biden from taking communion due to his pro-choice political stand.

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GOP Rep Barricaded Chamber Doors From Rioters He Called 'Normal Tourists'

5 hours 7 min ago

Andrew Clyde said calling the January 6th riot an insurrection was a "bald-faced lie" and that it looked more like a "normal tourist visit." It would seem that Andrew Clyde knows a thing or two about making bald-faced lies.

Source: Business Insider

A photo emerged of a GOP lawmaker who last week downplayed the Capitol siege and compared the rioters to tourists barricading the House doors with furniture on January 6.

Rep. Andrew Clyde said during a House oversight committee hearing on Wednesday that it was a "bald-faced lie" to call the riot an insurrection. He said the riot, in which hundreds of Trump supporters breached the Capitol, resembled a "normal tourist visit."

After Clyde's comments, a photographer shared a photo he had taken of Clyde using furniture to barricade the House against rioters trying to force their way in to disrupt the certification of President Joe Biden's election victory. Several people died in the riot.

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Of Course Anti-Mask School Nurse Gets Fox And Friends' Attention

5 hours 58 min ago

Fox News is still doing battle with the CDC over vaccinations and mask mandates at the detriment of the health and safety of the American people.

This was highlighted on Fox and Friends this morning when they featured a New Jersey school nurse, Erin Pein, who was suspended for refusing to wear a mask and claimed it's "child abuse" and they don't protect kids from COVID.

"Stephanie Silvera, an expert on epidemiology at Montclair State University, told Pein's claims are false and are a prime example of misinformation entering the mainstream of public life during the pandemic."

For this "nurse", not wearing a mask is more important than the small percentage chance that a child in her care may get COVID.

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt said the CDC still wants kids who can't get vaccinated to wear masks, "What do you say?"

Making believe Pein is an expert virologist she attacked the CDC by saying "That's ridiculous."

Erin Pein rambled about the percentages and the effects COVID has on kids so far and said the virus doesn't affect children the same way it does adults.

We still don't know the long-term effects of COVID on children, but for this nurse not wearing a mask is more important than anything else.

Then Pein turned into an anti-vaxxer are as well, making believe she's protecting children.

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Relax, People, Gaetz Was Just Paying For 'Naughty Favors'

6 hours 10 min ago

At this point, the perpetually odious Rep. Matt Gaetz has been confirmed by numerous press-discovered witnesses to, at the very least, have engaged in a pattern of attending illegal drug-fueled sex parties, regularly paid women for sex, paid at least one underage child for sex, and potentially involved himself in other crimes stemming from friend and fellow Florida Republican elected official Joel Greenberg's apparent attempts to commit as many state and federal felonies as possible in his brief in-office tenure. It seems vanishingly unlikely that Gaetz will not be charged with federal crimes, especially now that Greenberg himself has agreed to an ungenerous plea deal that will see him exchange testimony for slightly fewer years in prison than he might otherwise be serving.

Gaetz, however, has settled on the Trumpian approach of simply mocking the allegations against him, inviting his audiences to do the same. During a recent appearance at The Villages, Florida—think of the town as the love child of Branson, Missouri and syphilis—Gaetz joked to his retirement community audience that CNN would report his rally as "Matt Gaetz has wild party surrounded by beautiful women."

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'Here We Go': SCOTUS To Hear Mississippi Abortion Case

6 hours 11 min ago

Here it comes. Now that Mitch McConnell has stolen one Supreme Court seat and filled two more with Heritage Foundation/Federalist Society loyalists, NOW they're taking a major abortion case.

They've been sitting on this case for eight months, waiting for their majority moment. Jackson Women’s Health Organization v. Dobbs declares a 15-week gestational ban on abortion. Until Amy Coney Barrett arrived on the high court, such a ban was deemed unconstitutional.

This case has been tee'd up, specifically and on purpose, now that Barrett sits in a SCOTUS seat.

We MUST un-pack the court by adding justices who are not beholden to right wing nut jobs.

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Arizona Election Official Calls Trump 'Unhinged'

7 hours 34 min ago

During the midst of the third audit of Arizona's 2020 election, The-Former-Guy-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named released a statement telling a not as big lie to support the Big Lie, that read in part:

The entire Database of Maricopa County in Arizona has been DELETED!

This is illegal and the Arizona State Senate, who is leading the Forensic Audit, is up in arms.

Republican Stephen Richer, the newly elected Republican Maricopa Country Recorder, rightfully took umbrage at this outrageous statement and issued a rebuttal in the form of a tweet:

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Ali Velshi On Israel-Palestine Conflict: 'The Right To Exist Goes Both Ways'

8 hours 28 min ago

As we all know, the media narrative on every Israel-Palestine conflict has been carved in stone for decades. But MSNBC's Ali Velshi may have cracked that with his comments this weekend on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"Israel has a right to exist and to defend itself. That’s a fact. The same is true for Palestinians - that point seems to get missed," Velshi said.

ALI VELSHI, MSNBC: Palestinians are, at best, third class citizens in the nation of their birth. The Israeli government, on an ongoing basis, declares parcels of land on which Palestinians live to be either of military or archeological importance, causing residents to be evicted. Sometimes there’s a court case, and almost always, the Palestinians lose. Yet months or weeks later, that same “important” land suddenly becomes home to a brand-new Israeli settlement. As more and more Jewish settlers take over land on which Arabs lived, the Occupied West Bank becomes de facto more Israeli and, in the explicit hopes of the Israeli government, more Jewish. This is a long-standing and deliberate attempt to force Arabs - who have lived in that land sometimes for hundreds of years - out. It is an attempt to dilute their presence, because to have Arabs as full participants is, in the opinion of the Israeli government and courts, diluting Israel...

Israel needs a new approach to the Palestinians and America needs a new approach to Israel.

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John Oliver: Stand Your Ground Laws Favor White Person's Fear Over Black Lives

8 hours 28 min ago

John Oliver talked last night about the “stand-your-ground” law that exists in 30 states, and the move to expand them. The law says people are allowed to shoot if they feel their lives are in danger. Oliver talked about the vast disparities in who the law does, and does not protect. According to reports from the Urban Institute, white-on-black homicides were deemed justified 281% more times than black-on-white crimes.

As he points out, this is because these laws are about perceived fear, which Oliver deemed “objectively subjective.”

The laws "can exalt a white person’s fear over a black person’s life.”

And to make it even worse, the laws do not deter crime. In states where stand-your-ground laws apply, homicides have overall increased almost 11 percent, whereas there was a 2% decrease in homicides in states without stand-your-ground, he said.

“Stand-your-ground has contributed to a society where vigilantes with guns can decide what is safety, who is a threat, and what the punishment should be. They have turbocharged everything from road rage incidents to pointless disputes over dog weights.”

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Psaki Guts Tom Cotton's Racist Criticism Of 'Elite' Colleges

Thu, 05/13/2021 - 15:18

Jen Psaki was granted yet another opportunity to grind a ridiculous GOP racist notion into the ground today when a reporter asked about Sen. Tom KKKotton's attacks on "liberal" colleges and universities for "indoctrinating" our youth with "un-American ideas." He, of the anti-tax GOP wants to charge a tax on these institutions who incorporate these into their curricula, in the hope of raising $2 billion a year.

The reporter asked, "Does the president believe that our largest -- our wealthiest schools are indoctrinating our youth with un-American ideas, and would he support such a tax?"

Of course, Psaki likely knew exactly what Cotton was targeting, but she played right along, smiling, "You intrigued me. What are the un-American ideas that are indoctrinating our youth?"

Hoping not to have to get specific, the reporter said, "The legislation doesn't lay out the precise..."

"Oh, he's not specific about the indoctrination by leaders from universities?," Psaki asked innocently.

Seriously, all these reporters know by now they're gonna have to come clean with specifics, I don't know why they don't just come right out with it from the beginning.

"He's been critical of, for example, the 1619 Project. He's been critical -- spoken about critical race theory. He has claimed that there is a liberal bias on campus that targets conservatives, would be a way to put it."

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Wisconsin Law Mandates 'Patriotism' At State-Funded Sports Events

Thu, 05/13/2021 - 12:57

The Wisconsin State Assembly voted to pass a bill that would require the national anthem to be played before sporting events in any venue that has received public funding.

Rep. Tony Kurtz cried while defending his proposal.

One of the bill's authors, Rep. Tony Kurtz (R-Wonewoc), was moved to the point of tears while answering questions about the bill, particularly, whether he understood why some might perceive the requirement as forced patriotism.

Fox and Friends hosted Kurtz to promote his fascist endeavor.

When asked by Will Cain why he singled out sporting events, Rep, Kurtz used some wartime metaphor but really gave no rational reason for this to happen at Packers games and not movie theaters.

Obviously his bill has to do with Colin Kaepernick, so they have legislated away freedom by forcing Americans to participate in a "forced anthem."

You can tell the Fox and Friends' Will Cain wasn't totally behind this ludicrous idea that has been passed into law.

Cain uses the "some people say" routine on the WI legislator and said people around spots always told him, "Patriotism has to be a choice. I cannot be mandated. What do you say to that?"

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Must-Listen Of The Day: Ayanna Pressley Calls GOP 'Corrupt Enablers'

Thu, 05/13/2021 - 12:03

Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts knew exactly the answer she would get.

At the House Oversight Committee hearing on the January 6 insurrection, Pressley asked Trump's "Acting AG" (yeah) whether the government under Trump treated the Black Lives Matter protests of Summer 2020 differently than the January 6 insurrection. "Was it different for Black Lives Matter than it was on January sixth, yes or no?"

Of course, Jeffrey Rosen avoided a direct answer: "I think we're talking about very different situations."

Pressley reclaimed her time.

Chris Hayes asked her to explain the difference, and what followed was everything you need to know about "the difference."

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Fox News Blames Chick-fil-A Sauce Shortage On Joe Biden

Thu, 05/13/2021 - 11:55

Fox News has become worse than a opposition research network. Now they've embraced QAnon and promote every conceivable type of conspiracy theory that attacks that opposition, true or not.

Today on the Fox News website a screaming headline reads: Chick-fil-A sauce shortage blamed on 'Joe Biden's America'

You'd think that President Biden signed an executive order halting the ingredients needed to make Chick-fil-A's sauce, or that he deemed the chicken place a terrorist organization and canceled them out somehow.

But that's not the case at all.

Chick-fil-A announced that some of the restaurants would face a sauce shortage due to the Colonial Pipeline cyber attack.

Say, what?

But this is what Jon Street wrote:

Following multiple reports of the popular fast food restaurant limiting how many Chick-fil-A sauce packets each customer is allowed, social media users took to Twitter to express their outrage – not at the restaurant – but at President Joe Biden.

"Joe Biden's America," Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt tweeted.

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Former Acting AG Won't Say If Trump Asked Him To Overturn Election Results

Thu, 05/13/2021 - 11:32

Boy oh boy, former Acting AG Jeffrey Rosen sure showed us whose side he's on when appearing before the House Oversight Committee yesterday -- and it ain't We The People. You remember Rosen -- he's the really oily and obseqious guy who talked his way into the job and sought to show Trump how loyal he would be.

Rosen met with Trump on Jan. 3 but would only say the talk did “not relate to planning and preparations for the events of January 6.”

Rep. Gerry Connolly asked Rosen whether those conversations involved rejecting election results.

“I think the American people are entitled to an answer, Mr. Rosen,” he said.

Rosen said he wouldn't discuss “private” conversations with the Cheeto, and Connelly promptly reminded him there was no claim of privilege from the White House about the conversation. Rosen wouldn't budge.

“Respectfully, I don’t think it’s my role here today to discuss communications with the president in the Oval Office or the White House,” he said.

“We had an unprecedented insurrection that led to seven deaths and you’re saying this is a privileged communication?” an incredulous Connolly said.

The New York Times previously reported that DoJ lawyer Jeffrey Clark and Trump discussed removing Rosen so they could use the agency to reject election results in Georgia. (It didn't happen because Justice Department officials told Trump they would resign if he did.)

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Chases And Shouts At AOC

Thu, 05/13/2021 - 10:32

Apparently, Rep. Greene is miffed that Rep. Ocasio-Cortez does not want to debate The Green New Deal with her. Gee, I can't imagine why Ocasio-Cortez would not want to share a stage with this Q-lovin' lunatic. Anyway, Greene gets her name in the news again, and for her that's all that matters.

Source: Washington Post

Two Washington Post reporters witnessed Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.) exit the House chamber late Wednesday afternoon ahead of Greene (Ga.), who shouted “Hey Alexandria” twice in an effort to get her attention. When Ocasio-Cortez did not stop walking, Greene picked up her pace and began shouting at her and asking why she supports antifa, a loosely knit group of far-left activists, and Black Lives Matter, falsely labeling them “terrorist” groups. Greene also shouted that Ocasio-Cortez was failing to defend her “radical socialist” beliefs by declining to publicly debate the freshman from Georgia.

“You don’t care about the American people,” Greene shouted. “Why do you support terrorists and antifa?”

Ocasio-Cortez did not stop to answer Greene, only turning around once and throwing her hands in the air in an exasperated motion. The two reporters were not close enough to hear what the New York congresswoman said, and her office declined to discuss her specific response.

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Liz Cheney On Trump's Threat To Primary Her: 'Bring It On'

Thu, 05/13/2021 - 09:46

Liz Cheney talked with NBC's Savannah Guthrie about the Republican embrace of the Big Lie that the presidential election was stolen.

“It's a scary thing,” she said. She said the vote to oust her was really about whether the Republican party would embrace the truth.

“For reasons that I don't understand, leaders in my party have decided to embrace the former president who launched that attack. And I think you've watched over the course of the last several months, the former president get more aggressive, more vocal, pushing the lie.”

And in the understatement of the year, she says Kevin McCarthy has not provided "courageous leadership."

She said the election lie is an ongoing threat and silence isn't an option.

Cheney did not rule out a White House bid.

“Right now I am very focused on making sure that our party becomes again a party that stands for truth and stands for fundamental principles that are conservative,” said Cheney.

She came out strong for a bipartisan commission on Jan. 6 that focuses only on the events leading up to the insurrection, and not BLM and antifa, as Republicans have urged.

"And I think that that kind of intense, narrow focus threatens people in my party who may have been playing a role they should not have been playing," she noted.

She said Trump “must not ever again be anywhere close to the Oval Office.”

There's something we can all agree on!

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Gov. DeWine Announces $1M Lottery For Newly Vaccinated Ohioans

Thu, 05/13/2021 - 09:14

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine is offering vaccination incentives — including a $1 million prize and college scholarships — in a final effort to get more people vaccinated before the state’s mask mandate ends June 2, he announced yesterday.

While all of Ohio’s orders except those applying to nursing homes and similar care facilities end, stores and businesses can still require customers to be masked.

As of May 26, any newly vaccinated adult who has received at least one dose may enter a lottery that will provide a $1 million prize each Wednesday for five weeks. But the real prize should get parents motivated to get the kids motivated: five full four-year scholarships to an Ohio public university — including tuition, room-and-board, and books — to vaccinated residents under 18.

The money comes from existing federal pandemic funds, DeWine said, and the Ohio Lottery will conduct the drawings.

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Kevin McCarthy Refuses To Meet With Capitol Cop Who Went Through Jan 6 Horror

Thu, 05/13/2021 - 08:52

An emotional Don Lemon presented some exclusive footage last night on CNN from Officer Michael Fanone’s own bodycam as he was on the Capitol Hill, his screams audible throughout the early portion of the video as one rioter brags, “I got one.”

Fanone pleaded with the insurrectionists to let him go. “I have kids,” Fanone told them.

He was ultimately knocked unconscious.

Fanone suffered a heart attack and a concussion during the attack and is now dealing with a traumatic brain injury and PTSD.

Since the attack, he has tried to get Republicans to acknowledge the horror of the event. Yesterday afternoon, Rep. Eric Swalwell said on Twitter, "I just spoke with a very upset Officer Michael Fanone."

He said for Officer Fanone has made multiple requests to talk to Kevin McCarthy about what he experienced on January 6, and yesterday was hung up on by McCarthy's staff.

Meanwhile, former acting Secretary of Defense lied during yesterday's House hearing on the insurrection.

Miller omitted a line from his prepared testimony about former President Trump and January 6th, according to NBC's Garrett Haake, who said, "I’d love to know why he wrote but didn’t say, 'I stand by my prior observation that I personally believe his comments encouraged the protesters that day.' ”

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Michigan Republicans Want To Criminalize Fact Checking

Thu, 05/13/2021 - 08:03

Michigan's Rep. Matt Maddock (R-Milford), has written legislation co-authored by eight other Republican House members, requiring professional fact checkers to file a $1 million fidelity bond, with a $1,000/day fine for not doing so, and subject them to lawsuits by any “affected person,” The Detroit News has reprted.

An "affected person" could bring a civil action in any county district court to claim the bond for "any wrongful conduct that is a violation of the laws of this state." The bond could be forfeited at the discretion of the judge for "demonstrable harm" stemming from something a fact checker wrote, Maddock wrote.

The “demonstrable harm” Maddock has in mind is the de-platforming of right-wing conspiracy theorists from social media.

"Social media companies deplatform people, politicians, and businesses on the basis of 'fact checkers' who relish their roles punishing those whom they deem 'false,'" Maddock wrote, after alleging in April that fact checkers were largely "body-checking conservatives."

"Many believe this enormous economic and social power is being abused," Maddock wrote. "...My legislation will put fact checkers on notice: Don't be wrong, don't be sloppy, and you better be right."

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