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Trump's Concern For Homeless: They Block Entrances To 'Best Buildings'

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 19:18

President Donald Trump on Tuesday complained that California's homelessness crisis is harming the "prestige" of major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, remarks that housing advocates said displayed more sympathy for wealthy real estate investors and property than the human beings suffering from soaring rent and lack of affordable homes.

Speaking to reporters aboard Air Force One while on his way to Silicon Valley for a two-day California trip, Trump said homeless people are living in "our best highways, our best streets, our best entrances to buildings."

"People in those buildings pay tremendous taxes, where they went to those locations because of the prestige," the president said.

"In many cases they came from other countries and they moved to Los Angeles or they moved to San Francisco because of the prestige of the city, and all of a sudden they have tents," Trump continued. "Hundreds and hundreds of tents and people living at the entrance to their office building. And they want to leave. And the people of San Francisco are fed up, and the people of Los Angeles are fed up. And we're looking at it, and we'll be doing something about it."

Trump also expressed deep concern for police officers who he claimed are "getting sick" from interacting with the homeless.

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When Will Twitter Suspend Trump For Putting Rep. Ilhan Omar's Life In Danger?

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 17:05

Donald Trump's Twitter feed is a national security threat and after his outrageous smear of Rep. Ilhan Omar, his account should be suspended for at least as long as Mitch McConnell's was.

Not content with using his Twitter following to act like a high school social media bully who childishly berate his rivals or those he disagrees with, he's become a purveyor of conspiracy theories which the FBI has just designated as a real domestic threat to our country.

The FBI for the first time has identified fringe conspiracy theories as a domestic terrorist threat, according to a previously unpublicized document obtained by Yahoo News. The FBI intelligence bulletin from the bureau’s Phoenix field office, dated May 30, 2019, describes “conspiracy theory-driven domestic extremists,” as a growing threat, and notes that it is the first such report to do so. It lists a number of arrests, including some that haven’t been publicized, related to violent incidents motivated by fringe beliefs.

The threat Trump's twitter feed poses was exposed earlier Wednesday when he retweeted a vile lie by one of his supporters , aimed straight at Rep. Ilhan Omar.

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Michelle Malkin Smears Cokie Roberts On The Day Of Her Death

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 14:19

During Tuesday's Paley Center event on Media Bias, Michelle Malkin used a 1994 story of Cokie Roberts to smear her as being an original purveyor of "fake news," all in an effort to defend Trump's constant attacks on the free press and his narcissistic egomania and serial lying.

Cokie Roberts also died yesterday.

This coming from Malkin, one of the great misinformation conservative artists to ever have an online presence (not named Dinesh D'Souza).

During the event, Malkin claimed Trump "did not invent the concept of fake news."

No, he's only used that concept to try and cover up all his own lies, distortions, mistakes and the serious fake news that's created out of the White House.

Malkin said, "Cokie Roberts of course passed away today and God bless her for an incredible career that she had, but I distinctly remember that she was one of the first guilty culprits of fake news. In 1994, --- "

CNN's Brian Stelter interrupted, "We're doing this today?"

"Yes, we are," she said.

Brian continued, "You're attacking her today? I just want to be clear, the body is not even cold yet."

Malkin replied, "So there we go. Do you want to hear what I have to say."

She defended herself by saying "It's pertinent to the discussion of fake news."

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Utah Congressional Candidate Says He's A Victim, 'Like Brett Kavanaugh'

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 13:59

At this point, if you say you're a Republican politician I have to wonder if you even recognize the concept of basic human decency, and that playing the victim is not just some sort of genetic defect common to all of them.

Source: Salt Lake Tribune

Cory Green, who last week announced his candidacy for Utah’s 1st Congressional District, was charged with four felonies in 2010, court records show. Two of the charges, for alleged forcible sexual abuse, were dismissed, while Green pleaded guilty to the remaining two charges after they were amended down to class A misdemeanors for sexual battery.

Court records also show that Green pleaded no contest in June of this year to two class B misdemeanor charges of attempted unlawful conduct related to allegedly working in private security without a license.

But Green maintained his innocence on both fronts during a Tuesday interview with The Salt Lake Tribune, and said he was effectively coerced into making a guilty plea after being victimized and extorted by a young woman who posed as a massage therapist, and said he has been the target of politically motivated abuses by law enforcement in the ensuing years.

And what were the misdemeanors? They stemmed from paying for sex with an underage girl, of course.

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Boris Johnson Confronted By Angry Father: ‘The NHS Has Been Destroyed’

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 13:38

In a scene reminiscent of something from Monty Python or The Daily Show, an angry father confronts the British Prime Minister over the Conservative's cuts to the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. The man admonished Boris Johnson for making photo-ops at hospitals instead of solving problems. Johnson denied there were any press there, at which point the father pointed directly to the tv camera a few meters away.

Source: The Independent

Boris Johnson has been confronted by an angry parent over NHS cuts during a hospital visit.

Omar Salem, whose baby daughter was being treated at Whipps Cross University Hospital in east London, told the prime minister: “The NHS has been destroyed ... and now you come here for a press opportunity.”

In a heated two-minute exchange, the father claimed there had been “years and years and years of the NHS being destroyed” and told Mr Johnson it was “not acceptable”.

Mr Salem, a Labour activist, said: ”There are not enough people on this ward, there are not enough doctors, there’s not enough nurses, it’s not well organised enough.”

Mr Johnson said “there’s no press here” but the parent gestured to cameras filming the confrontation and said: “What do you mean there’s no press here, who are these people?”

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Kris Kobach Said To Be Down 10 In Kansas Senate Race

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 12:52

Democrats have had a Senate seat in Kansas since 1932. If the Republicans do nominate Kobach this poll shows they stand a very good chance of losing. Since the numbers from the GOP poll were leaked, it would seem Kris Kobach has very few Republican friends in Washington who would rather see him lose the primary than be saddled with yet another white supremacist in Congress.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach trails Democrat Barry Grissom by 10 percentage points in a head-to-head matchup for Kansas' open Senate seat in 2020, according to internal GOP polling data reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

The previously unpublished findings reveal why some Republicans are deeply concerned that a Kobach candidacy could cost the party a Senate seat in Kansas—and why Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been pushing so hard for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, a former congressman from Wichita, to challenge Mr. Kobach for the GOP nomination.

"It's laughable that anyone is taking seriously a poll on a hypothetical match-up conducted 18 months before the election and prior even to Secretary Kobach's entry into the race," said Steve Drake, Mr. Kobach's campaign manager.

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LeBron James' 'I Promise' School Delivers Results For Underprivileged Students

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 12:36

A follow-up to last year's opening (video above) of the LeBron James' "I Promise" school in Akron, Ohio.

Students at the "I Promise" school have made astonishing strides in their learning in just one year. According to The New York Times,

Unlike other schools connected to celebrities, I Promise is not a charter school run by a private operator but a public school operated by the district. Its population is 60 percent black, 15 percent English-language learners and 29 percent special education students. Three-quarters of its families meet the low-income threshold to receive help from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

Its students went from scoring in the 1st percentile (1%) in reading to 9th (9%) or 14th (14%), depending on their grade. In math, they moved from 1st to 18th percentile (3rd grade) and 2nd to 30th percentile (4th grade) in one year. And the even better measure of their learning is their individual growth goals. Where do they start? What are their obstacles? What is a reasonable expectation for improvement over the course of an academic year, and how can a school best meet those goals? Well, sit down for this.

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Professional Liar Sarah Sanders Wants Straight News, Not Opinions

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 12:16

Former Trump Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who was exposed as lying to the American people by the Muller report, now claims all media is lost and with a straight face said, "I think that we have to start taking so much of the opinion out of the news."

This coming from one of the most odious spreaders of opprobrium this country has ever seen.

The faux outrage from Republicans over the New York Times story on Brett Kavanaugh has reached such a fevered pitch from Fox News and Fox Business that you'd think Brett suffered the same fate as those students massacred at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

It's more outrageous then locking up migrant children in cages, having a president lie about payoffs to mistresses, brag he's a serial sexual assaulter, etc.

While Varney & Co., were discussing Lewandowski's awful testimony, guest host David Asman brought up the Kavanaugh story.

And Sanders, the new Fox News contributor interjected, "There is no victim. A crime without a victim."

Asman then discussed Trump's views on the New York Times.

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Sandy Hook Promise Ad Throws Back-To-School Reality Into Sharp, Painful Focus

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 11:58

On Tuesday night, Senator Kamala Harris shut down a dudebro who put airquotes around the words "assault weapons" and implied a mandatory buyback program would violate the Second Amendment. She argued passionately that we have traumatized an entire students with active shooter drills, and even moreso with the reality that at any moment, an active shooter could actually come through the doors of their classrooms.

This morning, Sandy Hook Promise released a devastatingly powerful PSA that acts as the perfect follow-up on that answer. Stephanie Ruhle introduced it by showing footage of a few of the Democrats who took to the Senate floor last night.

RUHLE: Last night, 21 Democratic senators took to the Senate floor to call on Congress to expand background checks on firearm purchases. But it might all be for nothing. As before Democrats took to the floor, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate is in a holding pattern on gun legislation, waiting to hear what the president is willing to sign. But as they wait, students across the country have returned to school, and a new normal, preparing for potential attacks. In 2018 alone, thirty people were killed and fifty injured in eight school shootings, averaging one every 45 days.

This morning members from the gun safety advocacy group, Sandy Hill Promise a new back-to-school, school shootings prevention PSA. We warn you, this video is very hard to watch.

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Alisyn Camerota Steamrolled In Interview With Corey Lewandowski

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 09:53

Why did CNN invite Corey Lewandowski to appear on New Day -- the day after he admitted he lies to the media? They will keep inviting him, and he will keep lying -- all the way to a Senate seat. Congrats, corporate media!

In his first appearance since his disgraceful performance yesterday, Alisyn Camerota asked Lewandowski, "Will you will be held in contempt?"

"I don't have any reason to be held in contempt," he said. (Oh Corey, don't tempt me.)

"I've told the members of Congress I'm happy to come back and answer more questions, after the five or six-hour charade i went through yesterday. "

Camerota homed in on the moment where he was being questioned about delivering a message to Jeff Sessions from Trump.

"That's what he wanted you to deliver to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, correct?"

"I believe that's an accurate representation."

"And he wanted you to deliver it to Jeff so that Jeff could say it to the people, right?"

"I believe so."

"So you confirmed that you were asked to obstruct justice."

No, no, no, he continued to insist.

You can watch the rest, but you will only get further confirmation that Camerota was way out of her depth, trying to interview Lewandowski. It was a fool's errand and a net positive for the slimeball. He wants Trump's support to become a U.S. Senator (God help us) and every TV appearance only moves him closer to his goal.

CNN doesn't care, of course. They only care that people were watching.

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House Counsel Barry Berke Backs Slippery Corey Lewandowski Into A Corner

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 09:04

It was hard to watch, as the slimey Corey Lewandowski slipped out of the grasp of one Democrat after another.

And then Barry Berke began his questioning.

One can only hope that Jerry Nadler will make more extensive use of the litigator who filleted Corey Lewandowski while he was still alive. His questioning happened late in the hearing, when the only cameras still rolling were good old C-SPAN. Go watch the whole thing, it was a real pleasure to see someone take down the slippery, too cute by half Lewandowski for his lies.

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Mike's Blog Round Up

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 08:01

Ed Brayton: How much of a wingnut do you have to be to consider John Bolton a leftist?

John Fea: Jesus wants you to vote for Sean Spicer on "Dancing with the Stars".

Darwinfish 2: Some observations on gun control.

Fair and Unbalanced: Trump's 9/11 tales grow in the telling.

Blog round-up by Infidel753. To recommend a post, send link to mbru [at] crooksandliars [dot] com -- I do check it!

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PA GOP State Senator Arrested On Charges Of Possessing Child Pornography

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 07:46

Another upstanding Republican with his personal demons. And of course, he went to an evangelical college -- that trajectory is almost predictable by now. Via the Morning Call:

A Pennsylvania state senator was arrested Tuesday on child pornography possession charges, the state attorney general announced.

State Sen. Michael Folmer, 63, R-Lebanon, was charged with sexually abusing children, child porn possession and criminally using a communication facility. Bail was set at $25,000, but it wasn’t immediately clear if Folmer posted it.

An investigation against Folmer began in February when electronic service provider Tumblr reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that a Tumblr user had uploaded a child porn image, the attorney general’s office said.

The investigation led to Folmer’s home. The attorney general’s office’s Child Predator Section, Lebanon city police and U.S. Department of Homeland Security executed a search warrant at Folmer’s home and reportedly found child porn images on his phone.

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Alex Jones Says Beto O'Rourke Is Dead If He Succeeds With Gun Buyback

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 07:45

Alex Jones may not have the usual platforms, but that hasn't stopped him from stoking the fires of violence over guns.

Last week, Jones told his followers that he needed to "fund this operation" with a new Beto "counter shirt."

" I came in this morning, and I said, “Hey everybody, what’s a great Beto counter shirt?" Jones said. "Like ‘from our cold dead hands'?"

He continued, "I was like how about “from his cold dead hands"?

"Well I don’t want to threaten him." Yes, yes he does. If Alex Jones had his way he'd hold Beto hostage while barraging him with constant threats.

" But that’s what’s going to happen, you know they try to take the guns, it's civil war," he said.

This isn't new. Right wing gun huggers have long argued that the Second amendment comes with a built-in right to violent defiance.

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre endorsed the insurrectionist interpretation of the Second Amendment during a speech at the 2009 Conservative Political Action Conference, claiming, “Our Founding Fathers understood that the guys with the guns make the rules.”

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Fox Guest Whines: $15 Minimum Wage 'Horrifying'

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 07:45

While CEO compensation skyrockets, Fox News wants you to think everybody is going to go broke if Democrats enact a minimum wage of $15-an-hour.

A recent report by the Economic Policy Institute found that the average pay of CEOs at the top 350 firms in 2018 was $17.2 million – or $ 14.0 million, using a more conservative measure. That’s a 278-to-1 or 221-to-1 ratio to a typical worker, according to EPI.

But Fox News is suggesting the economy will collapse if workers are guaranteed a living – not exorbitant – wage.

On Fox & Friends this morning, guest Jon Taffer, of Bar Rescue, called the prospect of a $15 minimum wage “horrifying” and one which “no industry can sustain.”

“It's a crisis mode,” Taffer claimed. “You either have to raise prices significantly or you cut labor." He also claimed, "We're going to eliminate employees and we're going to incentivize more robotics."

Cohost Steve Doocy pressed for more details of pending doom. "What happened in Seattle?" he asked.

"Almost a thousand restaurants closed," Taffer answered.

"That's a cautionary tale of what would happen elsewhere if that went through?" Doocy “asked.”

"It is, it was a shock to the industry," Taffer said. "When they talk about raising wages and raising taxes, ehhh, it doesn't make sense to me."

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Trey Gowdy Equates Impeaching Kavanaugh With 'Death Penalty'

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 07:45

In case you missed it, there's a new book out about Brett Kavanaugh and the White House cover up (I said what I said) of his background during his confirmation hearings. Media Matters previews the book (which is out TODAY) this way:

"The Education of Brett Kavanaugh: An Investigation" ...includes the stunning development that at least seven people can corroborate the account of Deborah Ramirez, who says that Kavanaugh shoved his penis in her face at a party while they both attended Yale in the 1980s. Significantly, Kavanaugh had testified under oath during his confirmation hearings that the incident did not occur...

During the hearings, it was already known that Republicans were using their control of the Senate Judiciary Committee to limit the time and scope of the FBI’s inquiry. But Pogrebin and Kelly’s reporting demonstrates just how far Republicans actually went to protect Kavanaugh. According to their article, “Ms. Ramirez’s legal team gave the F.B.I. a list of at least 25 individuals who may have had corroborating evidence. But the bureau — in its supplemental background investigation — interviewed none of them, though we learned many of these potential witnesses tried in vain to reach the F.B.I. on their own,” and FBI agents reportedly told Ramirez’s attorney that Republicans were closely controlling how they were allowed to conduct their inquiry.

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Kamala Harris Slow Jams The News!

Tue, 09/17/2019 - 23:30

Kamala Harris slow jams the news with Jimmy Fallon.

Open thread below...

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C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Fugazi

Tue, 09/17/2019 - 23:01

It's the 54th birthday of Guy Picciotto. Born on this day in 1965, his career started in with Rites of Spring. Writing songs that were lyrically personal and more experimental than the hardcore punk scene they blossomed from, Guy is widely cited as an architect of the emo sound.

In 1987, he joined the band Fugazi. He was not a member of the band in their initial but joined them on stage at their second show ever and was in the group until their 2003 hiatus.

What are you listening to tonight?

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Unrepentant Corey Lewandowski Admits He Lies To The Press

Tue, 09/17/2019 - 21:07

Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump's former campaign manager, testified in front of the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday in what is being called the first *official* impeachment hearing. Lewandowski was defensive and angry, clearly prepared for a fight with the Democrats. But, his stonewalling came to an abrupt halt when he had to face Barry Berke, the House Democrats' General Counsel for a solid 30 minutes of questioning.

One of the most insane admissions Lewandowski made was that he lies to the media. Unrepentant, he repeated it numerous times. His justification? He isn't under oath and the media is "dishonest".

Here is a bit of the exchange:

BERKE: You know your interview was on April 6, 2018.

LEWANDOWSKI: Is that accurate? Is that the date of the interview?


LEWANDOWSKI: If that's what the report says, I will take it to be accurate.

BERKE: You have made statements denying giving answers to the Special Counsel when you actually had. You were untrue about that, weren't you sir?

LEWANDOWSKI: Are you talking about the media or a jurisdiction where I have been sworn to testify? I'm talking about my public statements day... I'm sorry, no one in Congress has ever lied to the public before

BERKE: Is that an admission that you did lie?

LEWANDOWSKI: Absolutely not.

BERKE: So you deny that you ever lied in public statements --

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Kamala Harris Turns The Tables On Student Trying To Trap Her On Gun Control

Tue, 09/17/2019 - 18:46

Senator Kamala Harris appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night, and the audience was filled with students from four area colleges. There was time for the students to ask her questions, but when one student asked if she was in favor of mandatory gun buybacks, and if it violated the Second Amendment, she was gracious but firm. She went straight to assault rifles, meant to kill many human beings in a short period of time, and that there are too many of them in the hands of Americans. Buybacks will be legal because owners will be paid what their weapons are worth, but it is NOT a violation of the Constitution.

Senator Harris wasn't finished, yet, though. She drove her point home by asking the audience a question of her own.

"How many of you guys as college students had to have a drill during high school, or middle school or elementary school, or even in college, where you learned about how you need to hide in a closet or crouch in a corner in the event that there is a mass shooter roaming the hallways of your school?" she asked.

Nearly every single hand went up in the audience.

"Look at that," she said. "Look at that." Then she accurately assessed this generation's ills surrounding guns.

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