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Outnumbered Panel Freaks Out Over Beto's Buyback Plan

Sat, 09/14/2019 - 08:00

Fox's Outnumbered panel had a pout-fest about Beto O'Rourke's big moment in the Democratic Debate when he told the American public he was more than willing to take away their guns if they were designed for the battlefield. You'd have thought the women on the couch were being told he was taking away their blankies and their botox.

Katie Pavlich was the worst, citing O'Rourke's "criminal record" as disqualifying him to determine gun policy. ( does she feel about the number of Trump associates and former employees under indictment or in jail? Or the Orange One himself being an unindicted co-conspirator in SDNY crimes?) She kept trying to say buyback programs were "confiscation," which they are not, but since when did facts matter? She tried to quibble with the language because the government weren't the first ones to OWN the guns, so they can't buy them BACK.


Regardless, she kept trying to "catch" the one person speaking sense on this and other gun control measures (Juan Williams) by asking him for specific definitions of gun terms, and when he answered — correctly — she was pissed he actually knew what he was talking about.

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Samantha Bee's Trump Corruption Roundup!

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 23:00

Samantha Bee: “Trump finally found a business model that works: deploy the entire Air Force to spend money on you."

Open thread below...

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Austin, Texas First US City To Fund Travel For Abortion

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 22:00

Pro-choice groups in Texas this week were hopeful that thousands of women in the state could better obtain abortion care despite state restrictions after Austin's city council approved a new public fund to support access for those in need of reproductive care.

The state capital's city council on Tuesday night voted 10-1 in favor of a $150,000 fund which people will be able to draw from to pay for childcare, travel expenses, and lodging when they obtain abortion care.

The fund is the country's first to be allocated specifically for these types of logistical expenses, which serve as barriers to care for many women—especially in states like Texas where dozens of reproductive health clinics have been shut down in recent years.

The City Council's decision was "a direct response to the combination of abortion bans that have been passed throughout the year and the abortion bans sweeping the country," Aimee Arrambide, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, told the Texas Tribune.

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Tomi Lahren Is 'Armed And Ready' To Use An AK15 Against Immigrants

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 18:36

On Varney & Co. this morning, Fox News and Fox Nation's Tomi Lahren claimed Americans need their assault weapons because Democrats support "open borders" and she may be killed by immigrants.

This is the crazy f**ked up and dangerous messaging that's played on constant loop, especially when it comes to gun safety on Fox News and Fox Business network.

Lahren defended Mat Best, a co-owner of Black Rifle Coffee Company, who claimed he needed his AR15 to protect himself since the police are twenty minutes away from where he lived and he could die without it hello know regarding Randy or that several but appreciated.

After a short video of Mat, Tomi weighed in.

"You can't rely on the government to protect you," she said.

Yes, you can, Tomi. The second amendment is all about a trained militia since at the time of the Constitution the U.S. didn't have a standing army and not arming ourselves with semiautomatic military grade weapons of mass murder.

Varney, who has always been very suspect over the years on the amount of guns in this country because he's from England suddenly is totally pro-NRA.

Now since Trump is faced with acting on some new forms of gun control, Varney is very wary what the government do to you and is infatuated with the idea that American citizens can arm themselves with semiautomatic military grade weapons against the federal government.

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Trump Adviser Navarro Commands Fox Host, ‘You Gotta Help Us Out’

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 17:00

Things got heated when Fox News host Neil Cavuto challenged White House trade adviser Peter Navarro for starting a new Trump offensive against international postal rates. Navarro acted as though he had a right to Cavuto’s support.

Navarro was there to promote Trump’s threat to pull out of the international postal treaty known as the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and he seemed surprised at Cavuto’s skepticism.

“Why not one fight at a time, the big one is with China, right?” Cavuto said.

That began a testy exchange between the two.

"Either we’ll get a favorable vote in Geneva, or we will exit," Navarro said about the UPU threat. He claimed Americans will not see “any difference in terms of their mail.”

“You hope not, you hope not,” Cavuto shot back. "But Peter think about it. In the middle of – “

Navarro interrupted with what sounded like a command. "You cannot be against this, Neil."

"It doesn't matter for or against. It’s one fight at a time,” Cavuto said.

"This is apples and oranges," Navarro insisted, saying the administration can walk and chew gum at the same time. "This is something that every American should be rallying behind because it's really scandalous that foreign nations can send products here to undercut the prices of our manufacturers, put us out of work," he claimed.

Probably nobody but Trump and his cronies will rally behind this.

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Stable Genius: Water Cleaner 25 Years Ago Because 'Nobody Was Here'

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 15:01

President Donald Trump on Thursday celebrated his reversal of clean water regulations.

While speaking to Republicans at a retreat in Baltimore, Trump announced: “Earlier today, my administration formally repealed the horrible, dangerous, anti-everything waters of the United States rule.”

“We have the cleanest water, the cleanest air that we’ve ever had in the history of our country, right now,” Trump said.

The president corrected himself after saying that the media “would get me on that one.”

“Let’s say the history of our country over the last 25 years,” he opined. “I would say they probably had cleaner water, cleaner air because there was nobody here. So I have to be very accurate.

Watch the video clips below.

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Trump Whines That Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs Make Him Look Orange

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 14:51

And here we thought Trump and other Republicans attacks on energy-efficient light bulbs was just more lowly pandering to big energy (and common sense). But no, Trump hates the light because it makes him look orange.

Source: NBC News

On a night that featured the Democratic debate, President Donald Trump said he's being cast in a harsh light.

Trump's complaint wasn't about the candidates vying for the nomination and the chance to make the 45th president a one-termer, but was rather was directed at light bulbs.

"People said what's with the light bulb? I said here’s the story, and I looked at it: The bulb that we're being forced to use — No. 1, to me, most importantly, the light's no good. I always look orange," Trump said during a speech at a House Republican retreat dinner.

The audience at the 2019 House Republican Conference Member Retreat Dinner laughed at the comment.

The Trump administration last week said it would roll back requirements for energy-efficient light bulbs under two previous administrations.

Under one action, the Department of Energy plans to repeal a regulation enacted under President Obama requiring an expanded number of light bulbs in the U.S. to be in compliance with stricter energy efficiency standards; and nixed new energy efficiency standards for all pear-shaped light bulbs that were also scheduled to go into effect Jan. 1, 2020.

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COWardly Devin Nunes Demands Republicans Never Talk To Objective Media

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 14:00

During Wednesday evening's broadcast of Hannity on Fox News, Rep. Devin Nunes told fellow Republicans they should only give quotes to those media outlets sympathetic to the GOP.

That's called promoting state sponsored propaganda, Heir Nunes.

Hannity opened up his program by bashing the media mob over their 9/11 coverage. He was particularly outraged about the truthful reporting on the topic of right wing terrorism and then he attacked Rachel Maddow for being sued by the wingnut cranks over at the OANN network.

Hannity was also furious that House Democrats wouldn't interview Michael Horowitz on his IG report and allow it to be turned into a circus, so he turned to Devin for his thoughts.

Devin started off by denouncing the Russian hoax even though Trump's people had over 140 meetings with Russian operatives.

“I’m glad you’re talking about the media continually, because we as Republicans, we need to stop talking to these media people because most of the media out there, they are just assets of the Democratic party," Nunes said.

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C&L's Late Nite Music Club Remembers Eddie Money

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 12:58

Rock and Roll Heaven claims another. LA Times:

Singer-songwriter Eddie Money, a former New York police officer who became the hit-maker behind 1970s and ‘80s songs including “Two Tickets to Paradise,” “Baby Hold On” and “Take Me Home Tonight,” has died. He was 70.

The musician died Friday in Los Angeles, according to his publicist Cindy Ronzoni. Money, whose real name was Edward Joseph Mahoney, had Stage 4 esophageal cancer.

“The Money Family regrets to announce that Eddie passed away peacefully early this morning,” the family said in a statement. “It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our loving husband and father. We cannot imagine our world without him. We are grateful that he will live on forever through his music.”

Yes, he will.

John Amato:

I will always remember Two Tickets to Paradise because when I lived in the Bay area after I moved to California from NY, that was the song on the radio playing in my shitty car when the 1989 San Francisco earthquake hit.

After the chorus, it cut off and static replaced the song and I cursed my car. Then all hell broke loose.

Years later I played a MADD Christmas gig at the House Of Blues In Los Angeles with Eddie and we laughed about it. Our paths crossed several times over the years before I started C&L.

He was a nice guy to me.

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Baghdad Lou Dobbs Reports 'Sunshine Beaming Through The White House'

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 12:21

The Trump administration has suffered more resignations and firings than any other in history.

Even Trump's long time assistant Madeleine Westerhout got the boot a few days ago for leaking to the media that she's more popular than Tiffany to dear leader.

Trump's poll numbers and overall approval ratings have taken a nosedive since he recklessly caused the stock markets to crash (by ranting about the Federal Reserve Chairman he picked) and throwing fuel on the fire of China's trade war.

Hence, it's time for Donald's sycophants to come to the rescue.

Lou Dobbs, the minister of propaganda for Donald Trump told the FOX Business network last night that while visiting the White House, the atmosphere he witnessed was moonbeams and rainbows, unicorns and daffodils and everybody danced in unison to "I'm Singing in the Rain."

Dobbs said, “I spent some time in the White House yesterday and I wanted to give you an unauthorized quick update on the atmosphere that I witnessed in the White House.”

Baghdad Lou is leaking to the press ladies and Gentlemen.

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Bernie Sanders Describes His Vision Of Democratic Socialism

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 11:56

During Thursday's Democratic debate on ABC News, Bernie Sanders had a good moment when he described his vision of Democratic Socialism.

Jorge Ramos from Univision framed his question to Bernie using typical Fox News vernacular when he compared Sanders' ideas of Democratic Socialism to those from a hard core socialist country like Venezuela.

Bernie said, "To equate what goes on in Venezuela with what I believe is extremely unfair."

"I'll tell you what I believe in terms of Democratic Socialism. I agree with what goes on in Canada and Scandinavia, guaranteeing health care to all people as a human right," he continued. "I believe that the United States should not be the only major country on earth not to provide paid family and medical leave. I believe that every worker in this country deserves a living wage and that we expand the trade union movement."

"You got three people in America owning more wealth than the bottom half of this country. You got a handful of billionaires controlling what goes on in Wall Street, the insurance companies and in the media. Maybe, just maybe, what we should be doing is creating an economy that works for all of us, not 1%. that's my understanding of Democratic Socialism," he concluded.

Bernie and many others aren't trying to get rid of every corporation in America and replace it by government-run entities. We are looking for fairness throughout the workplace and to build a partnership between corporate growth and wealth and the working class. It's really not very difficult to understand.

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Friday News Dump: ABC Affiliate Runs Offensive Ad During Debate, And Other News

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 11:22
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Pete Buttigieg: 'American Leadership Is Needed Now More Than Ever'

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 09:54

Pete Buttigieg has some great lines in last night's Democratic debate.

"The president clearly has no strategy," he said. "You know, when I first got into this race, I remember President Trump scoffed and said he'd like to see me make a deal with (Chinese President) Xi Jinping. Well, I'd like to see him make a deal with Xi Jinping. It's just one more example of a commitment not made," he said.

"Is it just me, or was that supposed to happen, like, in April?"

He said when things like that trade deal don't happen, adversaries and allies alike take note of the inability of the U.S. to keep its word or follow through on its plans. "And when that happens, there are serious consequences," he said.

He mentioned the G7, where at a meeting to talk about the great challenges of climate change, "there was literally an empty chair where American leadership could have been."

"The problem is, this is a moment when American leadership is needed more than ever. Whether it's in Hong Kong, where those protesters for democracy need to know that they have a friend in the United States, or anywhere around the world, where we increasingly see dictators throwing their weight around.

"The world needs America, but it can't just be any American."

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Amy Klobuchar: 'We Gotta Send A Message To Mitch McConnell' On Guns

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 09:07

At last night's debate, Sen. Amy Klobuchar shot back after Beto O’Rourke called for a mandatory gun buyback program for assault weapons.

Klobuchar said the one thing that united everyone on the debate stage was that "right now, on Mitch McConnell's desk, are three bills: Universal background checks, closing the Charleston loophole, and passing my bill to make sure that domestic abusers don't get AK-47s."

She said it should start with a voluntary buyback plan. But she urged a push to get bills passed now.

"If you want action now, we gotta send a message to Mitch McConnell. We can't wait until one of us is in the White House, we have to pass those bills right now to get this done. We can't spare another innocent life."

She also went after Bernie's Medicare for All bill on the basis of people losing their current healthcare plans.

“While Bernie wrote the bill, I read the bill,” Klobuchar said, arguing that the plan would remove millions of Americans from their private health insurance. "And on page eight – on page eight of the bill it says that we will no longer have private insurance as we know it."

“I don’t think that’s a bold idea, I think it’s a bad idea."

She was responding to Bernie's line that he "wrote the damn bill."

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Mike's Blog Round Up

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 08:01

Big Bad Bald Bastard: A New Yorker remembers 9/11.

Driftglass: The Bolton firing shows that "conservatism" no longer means anything.

Nan's Notebook: Trump doesn't have an ideology, just a vendetta against Obama.

Padre Steve's World: A former military man's reflections on the wars since 9/11.

Blog round-up by Infidel753. To recommend a post, send link to mbru [at] crooksandliars [dot] com -- I do check it!

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Texas Lawmaker Warns Beto O'Rourke That His 'AR Is Ready' For Him

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 23:50

Meet Briscoe Cain, Texas state legislator and apparent fan of mechanical penises like the AR-15. Here's a tweet he sent to Beto O'Rourke after O'Rourke tweeted the same promise he made during the debate Thursday:

Yeah, it sounds like a threat to me, too, particularly when he used Beto's first and middle names -- Robert Francis -- an apparent reference to another Robert Francis, gunned down in the prime of his life.

People on Twitter actually did give him the benefit of the doubt.

TexasSquire pointedly asked for clarification:

To which Cain replied with a terse, "You're an idiot." That prompted a follow up which hasn't yet been answered.

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C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Ride

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 23:01

Quintessential shoegaze band Ride called it day in 1996. In 2014 the band announced they would be getting back together to do some shows. A few years later the band they released their first new studio album in 21 years, Weather Diaries.

The reunion must've been more than a one-off because they recently sixth studio album This Is Not a Safe Place. From it, here's the first single "Future Love."

What are you listening to tonight?

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C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Memphis Minnie

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 23:01

Well, another Friday the 13th is coming to a close. Hope the luck of your day wasn't quite as bad as how it was for Memphis Minnie.

What are you listening to tonight?

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C&L Snap Poll: Who Won Tonight's Democratic Primary Debate?

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 22:24

Tonight is round III of the Democratic primary debates for the 2020 Presidential election and finally the field is narrowing down to a much more manageable number.

I listed all candidates in a random order so please vote for your top three if you have three.

Who Won Tonight's Democratic Debate on Sept 12

And leave comments below to expand on your thoughts.

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Beto O'Rourke: 'Hell Yes, We're Going To Take Your AR-15, Your AK-47!'

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 21:48

I like this Beto O'Rourke, the guy who speaks so strongly and forcefully about the need to get these damn guns -- assault - style weapons -- off the street. He is unapologetic, strong, and determined to make it happen.

In the Democratic debate, he did not equivocate. He was asked whether he really would take away their guns and how that would work. Note the right-wing framing there. Buying back is not "taking away."

Beto was firm: "I am, if it's a weapon that was designed to kill people on a battlefield. If the high impact, high velocity round, when it hits your body, shreds everything inside of your body because it was designed to do that so you would bleed to death on a battlefield and not be able to get up and kill one of our soldiers. When we see that being used against children and in El Paso, I met the mother of a 15-year-old girl who was shot by an AR-15 and that mother watched her bleed to death over the course of an hour because so many other people were shot by that AR-15 in El Passon, there weren't enough ambulances to get to them in time."

"Hell, yes, we're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47. We're not going to allow it to be used against a fellow American anymore," he declared.

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