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National Laughingstock Susan Collins 'Wishes' Witnesses Were Called

Sat, 02/08/2020 - 08:00

Congratulations, Sen. Susan Collins! You've become a national figure! Unfortunately for you, it’s as a laughingstock. First she appeared in a Saturday Night Live skit and then in a Stephen Colbert monologue, in which he described her as "the senator who has most successfully talked herself into believing that she believes in something."

Proving Colbert’s point, Collins went on WMTW, Portland's ABC affiliate, to say she "did what I felt was right" in her votes in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, and that this was an even more consequential vote than the one on putting Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court because "removing a president from office" is "overturning an election and preventing the president from appearing in the ballot this fall." About this fall, and if she'll vote for Trump this time around? "You know, I'm not going to discuss presidential politics at a time like this." A time like this being before the filing deadline for Maine's primary. She already made her decision clear, however, in the only vote that really counts—on Trump’s impeachment.

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Best Meme Of The Week

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 23:30

Open thread below...

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C&L's Late Nite Music Club With AC/DC

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 23:01

Forty years ago today, February 7th, 1980, AC/DC appeared on Top of the Pops. Performing "A Touch Too Much", it would be Bon Scott's last appearance with the band, as he died of alcohol poisoning 12 days later.

What are you listening to tonight?

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New Hampshire Democratic Debate Open Thread

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 19:50

Yes, there is a Democratic debate tonight. The New Hampshire Primary is next Tuesday.

The debate is 8 to 11 pm Eastern.

Moderators are George Stephanopoulos, David Muir and Linsey Davis.

Candidates who made the cut, in alphabetical order:

Former Vice President Joe Biden
Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg
Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders
Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Businessman Tom Steyer
Entrepreneur Andrew Yang

You can watch the live stream here. ABC isn't allowing embeds, so you'll have to open a new window to watch it streamed on YouTube.

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#HeadsOnAPike: Gordon Sondland Is Next To Fall

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 19:16

CNN is reporting that the next head on a pike belongs to Ambassador Gordon Sondland, who testified that there was a quid pro quo.

According to CNN White House Reporter Jim Acosta, they are "flushing out the pipes," a move they claim is necessary.

New York Times reports:

Emboldened by his victory and determined to strike back, Mr. Trump fired Gordon D. Sondland, the ambassador to the European Union, within hours of the White House dismissing Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman, a decorated Iraq war veteran who was a Ukraine expert on the National Security Council. Both officials testified to a House committee about the president’s efforts to pressure Ukraine to help him against his domestic political rivals.

“I was advised today that the president intends to recall me effective immediately as United States Ambassador to the European Union,” Mr. Sondland said in a statement just hours after Colonel Vindman’s dismissal. He expressed gratitude to Mr. Trump “for having given me the opportunity to serve.”

A million dollar donation doesn't buy a helluva lot of loyalty.

Some real-time reaction:

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Petty, Vindictive Trump Is Begging For An Electoral Beatdown

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 17:32

This is why most of America despises Donald Trump:

President Donald Trump blasted "dishonest and corrupt" people Thursday morning at the National Prayer Breakfast, bashing his impeachment at the nonpartisan event with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just steps away....

In an apparent shot at both Pelosi, D-Calif., and [Senator Mitt] Romney, Trump said: "I don't like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong. Nor do I like people who say, 'I pray for you,' when they know that that's not so." ...

Trump did not raise his hand when Harvard University professor Arthur Brooks asked those in attendance to raise their hands if they love someone whom they disagree with politically....

Nearing the conclusion of his address, Trump said people of faith sometimes "hate" people, adding, "When they impeach you for nothing, then you’re supposed to like them? It’s not easy folks."

And this:

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PROOF: Fox News Execs KNOW Their 'Guests' Are 'Exposed Legally'

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 17:04

The Daily Beast obtained an internal research memo from the Fox News “Brain Room” advising network employees that contributor John Solomon and some of its most frequent prime time guests are spreading disinformation.

From The Daily Beast:

[I]n the internal brief, [researcher Bryan] Murphy urges Fox News employees to focus on a wide range of alleged journalistic misdeeds from Solomon, including ”non-disclosure of conflicts, use of unreliable sources, publishing false and misleading stories, misrepresentation of sources, and opaque coordination with involved parties.”

The brief also questions the credibility of [Joseph] diGenova and [Victoria] Toensing, a married pair of Washington lawyers and frequent Fox News guests who appeared across the network’s right-wing commentary shows.

Yet Fox’s prime time Trumpers have repeatedly hosted these misinformers as trustworthy purveyors of information.

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Republicans Are Empty People, Devoid Of Anything But A Desire For Power

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 15:12

Tom Sullivan mentioned the Sherrod Brown op-ed in the New York Times yesterday in his larger piece about GOP cowardice Thursday. I thought I would just excerpt the whole Brown piece here because it’s important:

History has indeed taught us that when it comes to the instincts that drive us, fear has no rival. As the lead House impeachment manager, Representative Adam Schiff, has noted, Robert Kennedy spoke of how “moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle.”

Playing on that fear, the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, sought a quick impeachment trial for President Trump with as little attention to it as possible. Reporters, who usually roam the Capitol freely, have been cordoned off like cattle in select areas. Mr. McConnell ordered limited camera views in the Senate chamber so only presenters — not absent senators — could be spotted.

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Nancy Won: Fox And Friends (and Trump) Focus On Paper Ripping, Not SOTU Speech

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 13:11

Wait, I thought Trump was a stable genius at television spectacle?


Turns out by ripping up her photocopy of the speech, Nancy Pelosi captured many times more precious TV minutes than anything Trump did or said at his game show, lie-filled State of the Union address. Even on Fox and Friends. Media Matters:

Fox & Friends was overwhelmingly more concerned with Pelosi’s symbolic shredding of Trump’s speech, spending 21 minutes on Pelosi and completely ignoring the various misleading and false claims within the State of the Union. In fact, the only mentions of the speech containing lies came in reference to Pelosi, such as when the hosts merely pointed out that Pelosi ripped up the speech because she believed it to be “a pack of lies.”

You reported that, Steve Doocy?

And her act infected Trump's twitter stream, too? #Winning!

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Trump Begins 'Purge': Vindman Expected To Be Out Of White House Today

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 11:51

The vindictive tyranny of Donald Trump continues as it appears impeachment witness Alexander Vindman will be out at the White House by end of day Friday. Washington Post:

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman — a National Security Council aide who testified during House Democrats’ impeachment hearings — will be informed in the coming days, likely on Friday, by administration officials that he is being reassigned to a position at the Defense Department, taking a key figure from the investigation out of the White House, according to two people familiar with the move who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss personnel decisions.

Vindman had already informed senior officials at the NSC that he intended to take an early exit from his assignment and leave his post by the end of the month, according to people familiar with his decision, but Trump is eager to make a symbol of the Army officer soon after the Senate acquitted him of the impeachment charges approved by House Democrats.

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Must Watch: Lawrence O'Donnell Proves Trump Has No Concept Of 'Love'

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 11:37

This is a must-watch monologue. Thank you, Lawrence O'Donnell:

LAWRENCE O'DONNELL: We begin tonight with the single most important word that Donald Trump does not understand. Donald Trump has the most limited vocabulary than anyone in the history of the presidency. And so there are many words Donald Trump does not understand. But the single most important word Donald Trump does not understand is one we all understand. It's a concept preverbal babies understand, even before they can say the word, because babies can feel this thing that Donald Trump so obviously does not feel. And very sadly for him, it's possible that he has never felt this in his entire life.


Love is the single most important word that Donald Trump does not understand, and he proved that today, more than once, in the most perverse possible public displays of ignorance by a President of the United States. We have never seen anything like this in our history. I know we've said that before, but we mean it tonight.

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Friday News Dump: One Republican Voted To Convict Trump, And Other News

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 08:37

What a week, huh? All those noble Republicans, standing up for the rule of law and human decency -- oh wait, there was just that one. I'm sure Mitt had a personal agenda, too (like maybe he thinks someone is going to have to lead the remnants of the post-Trump Republican party), but what the hell -- he still stood up when it counted.

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Jimmy Kimmell Looks At Presidential Prayer Breakfasts, Past And Present

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 08:08

Sometimes you can say so much with so little, as we see with this Jimmy Kimmel clip of Trump's National Prayer Breakfast appearance, as compared with that of President Barack Obama.

I'm sure if President Obama had thought of it, he would have included a brag about the stock market, too!

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'Backslidden Baptist' Scarborough Denounces Trump's Prayer Breakfast Performance

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 07:07

Many of us have a complicated relationship with Christianity -- or no relationship at all. Raised in churches that were often rife with hypocrisy, we walked away. But the higher nature of church teachings still inspire us, and like Joe Scarborough, I am disgusted by the craven unwillingness of evangelical leaders to call Trump to task on a spiritual basis. Ever, about anything.

Scarborough was furious about Trump turning yesterday's National Prayer Breakfast into a chance to attack his enemies. He compared the modern evangelical movement unfavorably to the civil rights leadership of churches in the Sixties.

"He couldn't tell you the difference between the New and Old Testament, and yesterday he mocked the words of Jesus Christ. Now listen, since Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell Jr., Robert Jefferies and all of these other so-called religious leaders are not telling those of you who weren't raised in the church why it was so grotesque for people at the National Prayer Breakfast and in the White House to be laughing at Donald Trump mocking the words of Jesus Christ, let a twice divorced back-slidden Baptist tell you," Scarborough said, practically spitting.

"Let me read you the words that the president of the United States at a national prayer breakfast was mocking yesterday. And how sad. Think about it. How sad. Not a single evangelical leader came out yesterday and stood up for the words in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Taken from the Sermon on the Mount," he said, calling it the "centerpiece of the gospels.

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Mississippi Republicans Steal Millions From Welfare Programs

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 06:02

That old scheme – take from the poor and give to the rich.

Six fancy pants people were arrested in Mississippi for scamming what is suspected to be multi millions of dollars from state programs intended to help the poorest among us.

Two of those arrested were embezzling taxpayers’ money to give it to Republican politicians.

Dr. Nancy New, owner and Director of the Mississippi Community Education Center (MCEC) and New Learning, Inc. and her son Zach New, Assistant Executive Director of MCEC, were helping Republicans run for the House and the Senate.

Some of the money they stole went to —

Nancy’s son, Zach, works at …. New Summit Schools.

Two others stole money from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families fund to send a third one to a high falutin’ drug rehab center in California. They said he was teaching a drug rehab program for youth in Mississippi while he was actually in California soaking up the sunshine at his own rehab center.

They took other millions for their personal use and the use of their personal businesses.

The newly elected Hinds County District Attorney Jody Owens said …

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#MattGaetzIsATool Trends Big-time After He Announces Ethics Complaint Against Pelosi

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 06:02

On Thursday morning, Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida announced that he had filed an ethics complaint against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for ripping up her copy of Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech. It’s predictable and arguably exactly what Pelosi was expecting, with Gaetz saving network pundits from hours of bad takes on the actual contents of the speech. Gaetz is acting out one of the many theatrical displays of fealty that Republican hacks will be performing for their fearful and corrupt leader. It’s very on-brand for the Republican Party: conducting a witch hunt against a woman, wasting American taxpayer money, and not doing their actual jobs as legislators.

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Mike's Blog Round Up

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 06:02

Atheist Revolution: Channel your outrage where it will do the most good -- working for victory in November.

Green Eagle: Romney's vote had nothing to do with conscience or truth.

Ranch Chimp: Why go to a caucus if you're so disengaged from politics that you didn't even know Buttigieg is gay?

Electoral-Vote: The Iowa app-ocalypse.

Blog round-up by Infidel753. To recommend a post, send link to mbru [at] crooksandliars [dot] com -- I do check it!

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Lily-Livered Sycophant Tucker Carlson Rips Romney For 'Moral Preening'

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 06:01

Tucker Carlson – who ripped Donald Trump’s behavior toward Ukraine in print and then pretended otherwise on Fox News – is attacking Sen. Mitt Romney for daring to honor his oath of office and his conscience by voting to remove Donald Trump at the conclusion of his impeachment trial.

Yesterday, in the immediate aftermath of Romney’s vote, Fox News tried to dismiss it as “a blip” that “will not really matter all that much.” But Romney knew that it was only a matter of time before he’d face a torrent of right-wing backlash and abuse. “Does anyone seriously believe I would consent to these consequences other than from an inescapable conviction that my oath before God demanded it of me?” he said. But, he concluded, “I will tell my children and their children that I did my duty to the best of my ability, believing that my country expected it of me.”

Tucker Carlson stepped up to the plate to smear Romney in the most hypocritical and childish way.

With his trademark frat boy “humor” the 50 year-old Carlson sneered that impeachment was like the Titanic: “Oh, pretty gripping!” he snarked.

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'Honest Trailers' For This Year's Best Picture Nominees

Thu, 02/06/2020 - 23:30

Open thread below...

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C&L's Late Nite Music Club With The Cure

Thu, 02/06/2020 - 23:01

Often thought as the Cure's first album in North America, Boys Don't Cry was actually made up from songs from their debut album Three Imaginary Boys and other tracks the band recorded during '78 and '79.

The band's label, Fiction, put it together hoping it would increase the band's exposure outside of the U.K. Picked up by PVC in the USA at the time, the plan worked.

The album was released forty years ago today. What are you listening to tonight?

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