Error message

Deprecated function: implode(): Passing glue string after array is deprecated. Swap the parameters in drupal_get_feeds() (line 394 of /home/scain/

weird jbrowse display

This seems like a bug: there is only one unc-62 feature in this sparse track.

ETA: not a bug--I was not configuring it correctly. Besides, this thread is here just to give me a place to post the picture to get an opinion.


New website

I took the occasion of getting a new domain name ( to update the seriously old version of Drupal that is running on I decided to do a clean install rather than bother with porting the old content. Most of the content on the old site was for testing anyway, so there wasn't much use in porting it. The only thing that got lots of use from me was the feed aggregator, and it's a good time to clean out the feed anyway.

So, if you're here, welcome to the new digs!