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zfin demo

Nice idea, but the javascript on this page doesn't work because it is typically blocked by CORS settings on the remote server. If you examine the source, though, you can see what I was trying to do.

Hmm, jbrowse failed to load :-(

C. elegans JBrowse test page

This page is designed to load all of the non-modENCODE tracks from the WormBase staging jbrowse site so that I can scroll through and make sure they look right. Note that this page doesn't work on current versions of Safari because of something JBrowse is doing repeatedly on the page.

Embedded JBrowse

This post is to experiment with embedding jbrowse in another page (Drupal for the moment, but the plan is to put it elsewhere when I get it working).

Note that I'm going to be pointing it at a temporary server, so if you come across this post after I've sorted it all out, there may be nothing here. Sorry.

The javascript that does the inserting is fairly straightforward. A simple div has it's contents replaced, like this:

color gradients

This is a table to try to create two sets of three color gradients to use in JBrowse for show different reading frames. The goal is to be colorblind safe.